Blog 4: Checking out Inanimate Alice 4

This was a second revisit of Inanimate Alice Episode 4 for me. When I was exploring Volume 1 at the beginning of the semester, I found Inanimate Alice Episode 1. I immediately loved it right away. In fact, I almost chose to do my presentation on it but I thought that episode was too short. It made me want to watch the entire series and I was able to watch all except Episode 5.

I feel like Inanimate Alice is not only kid friendly but is also very adult friendly. Instead of the story going at its pace, you can finish read before continuing. Unlike my issues with some of the other e-lit texts, I am able to actually read and then click the next button to move forward at my own piece. Just because I may continue slowly doesn't mean the music stops. It repeats until I proceed. It had a movie like intro and I knew it was going to be absolutely good. I have to say though I love it very much, the beeping and static follows in every episode I don't like that part. It's a little distracting for me. The beeping reminds me of the sounds of the old internet dial up connection. The static reminds me of how our TV's used to have a annoying static sounds in the background.

The picture backgrounds were very unique and really added to the storytelling aspect of the text. It's really interesting how the designer chose not to use any voices and decided to only incorporate music and dramatic sounds. It worked really well to help me get a feel of the story.

The hands were pretty interesting in this episode. The hands would point to different sections of the story. On the right side of the screen you had a table of contents. I wanted to keep reading and was really into it. At a certain point you can either continue reading the text or play it as a game. The first time I pressed continue reading. The walk through was very long. When I went back and I chose play it as a game, it was long as well. During both times, I really began to sympathize with Alice and feel that I would be scared if I were in her shoes. God knows who or what lies in abandon building that no one should be in. This was a really great e-lit piece and I'm so glad that I am getting to explore this whole new territory of e-lit texts.

Exploring this piece again really gets me thinking about my own e-lit piece. I think this is a good model for my own. I already have music in mind. I can let pictures and music do the storytelling in my piece as well.