Online Fan Fiction, Global Identities, and Imagination by Rebecca W. Black


This was an interesting article to read and discover different ways of using various research methods. Fanfiction is a term that I have learned through the media as well. I have my own YouTube page and I am constantly on YouTube and following other YouTubers. Fanfiction was a concept that I could not understand or something that I was not into. However, after reading this article, I realized that Fanfiction goes beyond creating fictional stories. It is actual a way to bring people from all around the world together. There is a larger concept to online Fanfiction that Rebecca W. Black discusses and tells how research methods proves that.

My senior year of my undergraduate studies, I took a Global Issues course in order for me to graduate. We learned that globalization is how people today connect by mostly technology. Black defines globalization as, “the accelerated movement of people, ideas, information, media, commodities, and capital across national and regional borders” (pg 397). Globalization began in the 1980s and has rapidly increased to the 21st century. From the on, this generation has progressed faster than any other generation. Technology has played a huge part of globalization as far as connecting through social media and various ways of communications. Fanfiction was something that I did not think of being apart of the globalization phenomenon. Black also continues to describes globalization by stating, “-has given rise to many significant questions about the nature and impact of online communication and socialization across time and space” (pg 397).

The definition of Fanfiction according to Black is, “a unique form of writing in which fans base their stories on the characters and plot lines of existing media and popular culture” (pg 398). Maybe one of the keys to connecting with the rest of the world is as simple as using our imaginations. There are other ways to connect with people around the world besides things such as education and politics. Using our imaginations and being creative are uniques opportunities to bring people from around the world together. There were more than one research method that went into collecting data for this topic. One of the methods we discussed in class in the beginning of the semester. “Using qualitative methods, I collected data from multiple sources over a three-year period” (Black, pg 403). Within the different research methods, the use of other communication techniques such as media were used as well. However, there was a downfall conducting this research, which was the lack of face-to-face contact. The research had to be solely based on their web identities, which could cause a disconnect between the person who is conducting the research and their subjects. I would like to see Fanfiction writing and other forms of creative ideas be used by people around the world in order to continue the cycle of globalization.