Analysis of 8 principles of logo design

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  1. Alignment: The image and the words are placed in the middle of the logo so that the audience may feel comfortable when looking at it. Also, neat alignment makes it easier to read. 
  2. Hierarchy: The image of the warrior is the biggest and is placed higher than the words. The word “Spartan” is bigger and placed higher than “Fitness”. When I read this logo, I see firstly the Spartan warrior, then the word “Spartan”, then “Fitness”. Therefore my impression to this institution will be like this: It is a fitness club which can help me become as strong as a Spartan warrior, which was the best in the Greek world. 
  3. Contrast: This logo consists of red, black and white, which catch the reader’s attention immediately. Red image and black words are very prominent on white background. 
  4. Repetition: The style of this logo is consistent. The logo, the font and the colors are all very simple. Simplicity also corresponds with the Spartan way of life. These signifiers try to convey the principle of this fitness club: your fitness is our only goal. 
  5. Proximity: The warrior image, “Spartan” and “Fitness” are closely related to each other. 
  6. Balance: This logo is asymmetrical. There is only one warrior facing left. Maybe it wants to emphasize “the best”, “No. 1” so one warrior is enough. 
  7. Color: White means simplicity, red means energy, strength, bravery and honor, black means elegant and efficiency. These impressions are positive for a fitness club and will attract customers. 
  8. Space: There is much blank space on this logo. Again, it creates a sense of simplicity and tidiness.