Summary & Response of “The big fight over Coexist”

The post named “The big fight over Coexist” written by Phil Edwards mainly discusses the history of the logo “Coexist” and the development of its meanings. “The big fight over Coexist” refers to the fight over its ownership and its real implications. The logo was invented by a Polish artist Piotr Mlodozeniec in 2000, consisting of three religion symbols. It soon became popular on the Internet. Since 2005, some changes have been made to modify this logo and “Coexist” starts to have commercial profit. At first this logo was designed to participate in a contest, later it was used to make money, but now it has deeper ethical denotation on a worldwide scale.

After reading this post, I come to realize that the signified can be comprehended from diverse dimensions. Since the world is changing rapidly, the cultural context also differs in different time periods. With the trend of globalization,  different cultures and social groups have to learn to coexist with one another harmoniously. The big fight happens not only over the logo “Coexist”, but also happens over human existence.