Comment on It’s Been Real (Or Has It…???) ^.^~ by Cog.Dog

Kelli your work, participation, effort, blogging, creativity for this class is beyond outstanding. Those day long blog posts are gems to me, because of the way you wave in your own ideas, interests, and go beyond the check list.

I hear your pain with audacity, and salute you for persevering. There is something to be learned in doing something outside of your zone of interest, and I am thinking maybe someday in the far far future, you will have a need to do some audio. I could be wrong. Dead wrong.

And I am very happy you found a use for hypothesis- I think its a critical scholarly tool, I just felt like it was maybe that one tool too many.

Also, I appreciate your criticisms on gaming, if not obvious, it is not in my zone of big interests, and I wanted to try a few atypical things. Yes, redlining is really not a game at all, what I like is for people to interrogate that as a question rather than accepting it as an assertion because Teacher Says so.

It’s been fantastic having you as a student in class, and I appreciate as well all the times you helped other students in our activities. I can’t wait to see what you aim for in your thesis work– keep blogging and sharing it.

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The Floating Woman

They were all my slaves.

They all knelt before me with pure adore.

If they had the ability, they would probably send me to the peak of Mount Chomolungma, then my head would stick into the clouds and I could literally occupy the highest status in the world.

I was aggressively beautiful. My eyes like shiny amber, my lips like dewy rose petals, my skin like white jade, my hair like soft Chinese silk. They chased after me no matter how rude I treated them, which always makes feel high.

I am now drifting in the dusty air under the grey cloudy sky, like a ghostly balloon. I look down to the ground. No one notices me except for him – one of my chasers but never my slave. He is chasing me with a look of anxiety, running across the river of traffic.

My heart sinks but my body keeps floating.


I met him at a summer dusk.

The sun was in a desperate orange, dyeing the clouds fiery red. It looked quite delicious, like an orange cake with strawberry jam. Thinking so, I took a bite on the dessert sent by one of my chasers. They always held me so high that I feel like walking on the clouds. I thought I’d better have some water.

Scarcely had I had this thought, he offered me a glass of water.

I had a glance of his pale face. He was young and skinny, with a pair of delicate, sky blue eyes, and a look of nervousness. He didn’t dare to take one glimpse at me closely. He escaped from me silently.

He was so shy that I never had a chance to communicate with him successfully. Even when we got familiar, it was I speaking and him listening. I tried to ask him about his information but I failed. He would not say anything.

Before long, I figured out that he was mute.


This afternoon I was sitting in a sofa enjoying my nap. What woke me up was the scream of the crowd.

Oh, the root of this chaos was the fact that I had become a balloon-like creature and started to float out of the window.

I said nothing. I was incredibly calm and indifferent.

I saw people running away from me – now a beautiful monster I suppose – but the pale boy who always carries a terrified facial expression stayed. Then he moved, not away from me but towards me. He made gestures but I don’t know sign language.

I floated out of the window to somewhere farther, I was not sure where.

I float upon trucks; trucks raise ash and dirt; he makes his way through the dust.

My heart becomes heavier and it sinks deeper, like an anchor sinking to the sea bed. This boy truly loves me, I think to myself, not because of my outer beauty but because of my inner spirit.

My body start to gain weight. I land on a very green grassland with wild flowers blossoming.

My boy runs towards me. I feel so joyful! I want to rush to him, hold him tenderly and tightly.

No, not yet. There’s one thing that is not quite right – I cannot move.

Oh. I become a stone statue.

It’s Been Real (Or Has It…???) ^.^~

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(Just kidding This simulation’s graphic’s are super real >.<)

So, it’s the end of another semester spent traversing the weird, wild web, huh? Time definitely flew by this semester! It feels like just yesterday we were talking about the terrors of online data tracking… or maybe I’m just having flashbacks of Zuckerberg testifying before Congress >.>



This semester was definitely wild. I can honestly say I was not expecting to do as much work as I managed to pull off this semester. Check it:

Weekly Blog Posts (I did all 14! Really, wild~)

Daily Digital Alchemies (Somehow did all of these too??? And only came in at 5th place…)

Makes (And I did all these??? And only made it to 4th place -_-…sensing a pattern)

That is a lot of work. Time-consuming work. I don’t know about everyone else this semester, but it takes me a minimum of one day to write up a blog post and another to edit. That’s not to mention how long it takes to complete the week’s actual digital activities. For example, my Audacity post, my Audacity Interview post, and my posts on both Neo-Dadaism and Selfies took significantly longer time to complete. This is because 1) I am still very unfamiliar with working with audio and 2) some subjects require much more research in order to write a thoughtful/insightful post about them. The post on selfies was, after all, done in conjunction with a Twitter chat I ran on selfies as art as well (which I reflected about in another post). All this is to say that I did put a lot of effort and time and thought into my work every week. Nothing was ever hastily thrown together and I always tried to be thoughtful in my reflections.

On Twitter, too, I tried to participate regularly throughout the semester. I tweeted out @netnarr every time I posted on my blog and used #netnarr as well. I always did at least 2 DDAs a week, as well. (And, I think I tried to approach both creatively–using imaginative titles and images.) More towards the beginning of the semester, I also used the #netnarrlinks to share some interesting articles/videos I found on topics I thought relevant to the course. (Or, just interesting to me ^.^) While I’m not sure if all this activity counts as “robust use” of the platform, I would definitely say it demonstrates diligence.


Activity on my account from 1/23/18

2018-05-05 (5)

Compared to activity on my account from 5/5/18

2018-01-23 (1)


2018-05-05 (7)


(Check your own Twitter activity)

As you can see, I definitely increased my activity on the platform and began posting more regularly to Twitter. More, my posting seems to have become more organized–I have more regular times of activity as well as more regular usage of hashtags and links. Retweets are still my most popular form of Twitter usage but I have certainly upped my game overall on the platform this semester.

2018-03-02 (1)_LI


2018-03-02 (2)_LI


2018-05-05 (2)


2018-05-05 (4)_LI


More than all that, though, I’ve become a part of a community on Twitter. Not just my activity itself on the platform increased but my level of engagement with the platform. Before getting involved with this course and the digital humanities, I never thought of Twitter has a place capable of fostering community. But, it really is. I learned so many tips and tricks from fellow users online.

Which brings me to another point: collaboration. Twitter makes collaborating with other people so very easy. For example, one of the extra projects I participated in this semester was largely facilitated through Twitter. The NetNarr Alchemy Lab is a collaborative work, put together by so many very talented digital alchemists. Essentially, it’s an online interactive storytelling project in which I was invited to participate. You can read all about my own contribution here and the ins n’ outs of working on it but I just want to say that this was one of my most favourite activities I participated in this semester (though it wasn’t part of the course proper). Also, I want to thank everyone who reached out to me on Twitter and helped me with this project. Again, without the online community, I’m not sure how any of this would have been accomplished. Not easily, for sure.

Additionally, I did try to use my as well towards the start of the semester. We kind of bailed on it as a class, though, so I hope my lack of “robust” usage of the tool will not count against me. Interestingly enough, though, I did end up using the annotating tool for another course this semester–a course on research and theory (I made 96 annotations for just that course). So, though I did not get to use my know-how in this course, know it did still come in handy elsewhere~

Honestly, I’m fairly proud of all the work I accomplished in this course. My favourite assignments have to be the ones related to selfies, to memes, and to gifs. I think my Make on the #SelfieUnselfie project is one of my most meaningful, digital works to date. And, my Make on “Gifing” digital life still makes me actually laugh out loud. More, discussing memes as art objects inspired me focus my thesis on researching Neo-Dadaism in new digital media (specifically on researching the emergence of the Internet meme as a resurgence of Dada idealism). So, our discussions on these topics in class, specifically on digital art, definitely inspired me to think more deeply about the content.

That isn’t too say there weren’t subjects I found uninteresting. As mentioned before, I don’t enjoy working in audio. It’s more difficult than other mediums, yes, that’s part of why I don’t like working with audio but, also, there’s just my personal preferences. I’m a more visual person. I like art on canvas, words on the page. I like having something for my eyes to swallow, devour. Of course, I’m pleased enough with how my audio interview project turned out but, if given the choice, I would not want to repeat the project. Even having two weeks to do it, I found it to be just very complicated. More than endearing the medium to me, the project kind of turned me further off. Sorry. (I really wish my feelings were different but when I think of that project, I just remember frustration.)

Another aspect of the course I found it bit dull was the online gaming section of the course. Again, this might come down to an issue of personal preference. I just didn’t find the content to be too engaging or interesting. Also, I didn’t necessarily like looking at digital redlining as a kind of game because it’s really not. For future courses, I would like to suggest moving the issue into the area of Digital Life. (I did like my Make for this subject, though. The activity for the subject is very apt, I think. It conveys exactly what it is designed to. Also, I found the H5P tool to be fun to use. I would definitely recommend teaching future students how to use it.)

Enough with the critique!

Overall, I found this course to be fun and engaging. This semester has certainly had its ups and downs. While some activities in class came easier than others due to past experiences working with the medium, there were plenty of challenges presented by this course. This semester, I certainly had to learn how to use new tools as well as how to make peace with old rivals here’s looking at you Audacity >.>. For the most part, I think I made out pretty well. Not all of my work came out as polished as I would have liked but I still tried to do all of the work asked of me and I tried to do it well within the time constraints I had upon me. More, I tried to be creative with my work wherever I could–whether through word-play, memes, or some other insertion of my own personal panache, if you will.

Above all, I hope it comes through that I am proud of what I accomplished and of what I learned. This semester was tough but I’m tougher! I think I came out on top. But, what do you think?

Thanks for another amazing semester!




Poeticize the Poem (DDA Topic I submitted)

ELit Concept + Moon Girl Bot

Digital Art Referencium (Curated by me and Hailey)


Killing It

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Questions about “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” for study and discussion

1. Do you think that “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” is a work of magical
realism? Are there any conventions of the genre that it doesn’t seem to obey? Is there
another genre designation (such as children’s literature) that might be more appropriate to this particular Garcia Marquez story?

I think it is magical realism because it sets in an everyday context. 
2. How would you characterize the community where Garcia Marquez’s story is set? Is
there anything about the townspeople’s attitudes that is ambiguous or unclear?

It is a community of ignorance, dumbness and illiterate. They do not have sympathy nor do they care about others. The townspeople’s attitudes towards Pelayo and Elisenda are unclear. 
3. Explore the differing uses of imagery in Marquez’s story. Why do you think Garcia
Marquez used such vivid, gritty descriptions in this story? How do his descriptions affect
your impression of the townspeople, and of the angel himself?

Because he wants to leave a deep impression on the readers. His descriptions give me a picture of the townspeople’s ignorance and the angel’s weakness and strangeness. 
4. Does ritual and superstition play a role in the story? Discuss.

Yes, but only a little. Although there is a Father in the story, and the story mentions about Roman Catholics, the townspeople care little about those religious issues. They toss stones on and play with the angel. 

5. What affect does the combination of magical and ordinary details have on the reader?

Gives the reader a peculiar sense and cause reflection on their own lives. 

6. Compare and contrast the differing portrayal of the spider woman and the angel. Is there a wider purpose behind this contrast? How can the two be read as representing different approaches to literature?

Similarity: 1. they are both abnormal and inhuman. 2. they are both played with by the townspeople. 3. they are both exhibits. 

Difference: 1. the spider woman has less human-like appearances. the angel is more like a human. 2. the spider woman answers questions and tells a story of her moral punishment. the angel does not communicate with anyone, thus his story is unknown. 

wider purpose: reveal humanity

the spider woman: fable

the angel: myth

7. How does the story comment upon humanity? Who is human in this story and who isn’t? What qualifies someone as human?

Humanity: stupid, selfish, curious

Human: the townspeople, the Father, the couple

Inhuman: the angel, the crabs, the hens

Human qualities: 1. speak a human language. 2. communicate with other people. 3. do not have wings or any strange appearance. 

8. Can you interpret any moral or underlying message in this story? Explain.

If one day you fall to disaster, do not give in to the difficulties. Try hard to fly again.