The Floating Woman

They were all my slaves.

They all knelt before me with pure adore.

If they had the ability, they would probably send me to the peak of Mount Chomolungma, then my head would stick into the clouds and I could literally occupy the highest status in the world.

I was aggressively beautiful. My eyes like shiny amber, my lips like dewy rose petals, my skin like white jade, my hair like soft Chinese silk. They chased after me no matter how rude I treated them, which always makes feel high.

I am now drifting in the dusty air under the grey cloudy sky, like a ghostly balloon. I look down to the ground. No one notices me except for him – one of my chasers but never my slave. He is chasing me with a look of anxiety, running across the river of traffic.

My heart sinks but my body keeps floating.


I met him at a summer dusk.

The sun was in a desperate orange, dyeing the clouds fiery red. It looked quite delicious, like an orange cake with strawberry jam. Thinking so, I took a bite on the dessert sent by one of my chasers. They always held me so high that I feel like walking on the clouds. I thought I’d better have some water.

Scarcely had I had this thought, he offered me a glass of water.

I had a glance of his pale face. He was young and skinny, with a pair of delicate, sky blue eyes, and a look of nervousness. He didn’t dare to take one glimpse at me closely. He escaped from me silently.

He was so shy that I never had a chance to communicate with him successfully. Even when we got familiar, it was I speaking and him listening. I tried to ask him about his information but I failed. He would not say anything.

Before long, I figured out that he was mute.


This afternoon I was sitting in a sofa enjoying my nap. What woke me up was the scream of the crowd.

Oh, the root of this chaos was the fact that I had become a balloon-like creature and started to float out of the window.

I said nothing. I was incredibly calm and indifferent.

I saw people running away from me – now a beautiful monster I suppose – but the pale boy who always carries a terrified facial expression stayed. Then he moved, not away from me but towards me. He made gestures but I don’t know sign language.

I floated out of the window to somewhere farther, I was not sure where.

I float upon trucks; trucks raise ash and dirt; he makes his way through the dust.

My heart becomes heavier and it sinks deeper, like an anchor sinking to the sea bed. This boy truly loves me, I think to myself, not because of my outer beauty but because of my inner spirit.

My body start to gain weight. I land on a very green grassland with wild flowers blossoming.

My boy runs towards me. I feel so joyful! I want to rush to him, hold him tenderly and tightly.

No, not yet. There’s one thing that is not quite right – I cannot move.

Oh. I become a stone statue.