Comment on It’s Been Real (Or Has It…???) ^.^~ by Cog.Dog

Kelli your work, participation, effort, blogging, creativity for this class is beyond outstanding. Those day long blog posts are gems to me, because of the way you wave in your own ideas, interests, and go beyond the check list.

I hear your pain with audacity, and salute you for persevering. There is something to be learned in doing something outside of your zone of interest, and I am thinking maybe someday in the far far future, you will have a need to do some audio. I could be wrong. Dead wrong.

And I am very happy you found a use for hypothesis- I think its a critical scholarly tool, I just felt like it was maybe that one tool too many.

Also, I appreciate your criticisms on gaming, if not obvious, it is not in my zone of big interests, and I wanted to try a few atypical things. Yes, redlining is really not a game at all, what I like is for people to interrogate that as a question rather than accepting it as an assertion because Teacher Says so.

It’s been fantastic having you as a student in class, and I appreciate as well all the times you helped other students in our activities. I can’t wait to see what you aim for in your thesis work– keep blogging and sharing it.

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