Storyboarding / Blog 7

Please forgive this VERY rough storyboard as the beginning of what I hope will be a fantastic piece of eLit intended for younger audiences.

first draft storyboard

This eLit piece will teach children exactly what bullying looks like. After substitute teaching for a couple years now, I have noticed many situations where students are bullying, but they don’t know that they are doing it. Most of the time they are simply copying behaviors they have seen elsewhere. I would like to use this eLit piece as a tool to educate students and continue to work towards completely eliminating bullying from our schools.

WIP Electronic Literature: Sellers of Various Kinds

It is very interesting to work on an electronic literature of my own after experiencing some examples in the class. Right now, I only have the premise of what I’m planning on. Whether this premise will prove fruitful or not remains to be seen. The basic idea is that the reader is “a customer” who needs to decide how to spend the given money and choose what to purchase. The screen will consist of 9 different characters and each one will be attempting to sell some sort of product. The following sketch is an early concept:


In order to add a little bit of flavor of humor, some of the characters are exaggerated; we have a sorcerer, a robot, and a goblin warrior mixed in with the crowd.

The piece will be very dialogue heavy. At each round, they will attempt to convince the reader to purchase whatever they are selling. Some of them could be honest, others could be tricking the reader. This interaction will be an examination of methods that people use to persuade others and certain methods used in marketing.

As the concept and the idea develops further, I hope it will take an appealing shape. I’m looking forward to finishing this work by due time.