Let me introduce myself! Hi, I’m Nives (knee-vez) just in case you were wondering! :)

I choose the image above to include in my blog post because I believe it represents my journey in life and how I got to where I am today. I also use that image as the banner of my Word Press site: Nives Writes. So hi, hello, my name is Nives Migliaccio. I’m 38, yikes. Single and fabulous! I have a thing for all things Carrie Bradshaw and I hope to one day create my own dating/sex/love column! I can’t find love for me but I want to find it for others! I’m a proud first generation Italian American. My crazy, wacky Italian family means the world to me. Family first, always! My identity is firmly grounded in my rich heritage and family roots. Among the many things I am, I’m also a college drop out. Yes you read that correctly. For a entire decade I left college behind after a horrible break up. I was left heartbroken, betrayed, anxious and a total mess. So I just dove into the menial work force head first. After feeling unfulfilled and pushing 35 I decided this was my last chance, my last chance to earn the degree I know I deserved and so desperately wanted. More than anything I wanted to make my parents proud, they always stressed the importance of education to me and my older brother because they never had those opportunities growing up in Italy. So I dropped back into Kean at the age of 34 and never looked back! Hence the above picture of the dark, long, but beautiful winding road to nowhere.

I graduated with Magna Cum Laude honors and received my undergraduate degree from Kean University in English Literature and my minor in Sociology. After earning my MA in Writing Studies I hope to become a published author and publish the memoir I’m working on for my thesis project which is entitled: The Seashell. It’s a passion project for me. It’s deeply personal and has many complex layers to it. It’s been quite the journey to more self discovery and deeper self reflection. I’m excited to see it’s completion and where it may take me next, emotionally and spiritually. I also love to teach, so I hope I will be lucky enough to find a job working as a Professor at a University after I graduate this May. I hope to teach all the great works that have inspired me over the years and that helped mold me into the woman I am today. Well I guess that sums me up. As far as interests and hobbies go: writing (duh), reading, video games, spending time with my amazing girlfriends some of which I met through this awesome program! I know will be my friends forever! #BLESSED Oh and I love to mindlessly binge watching Netflix and anything on Bravo! Nothing like good old mindless reality tv to get you through the hard days! Can’t wait to learn more about you all! I’ll leave you all with one of my favorite quotes below which is an ode to my thesis project and memoir The Seashell! Ciao Ciao! Xo

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