All About Jessie!

Hi everyone! My name is Jasjyot Bhogal, but you can call me Jessie. I am 21 years old, turning 22 later this September. I recently graduated from Kean University in May 2020 with my Bachelors in Elementary Education K-6 and an endorsement in Special Education. With my content specialization in English, I decided to pursue my Masters in English Writing Studies since it will help me in all fields that I have an interest in, especially journalism, writing novels and maybe teaching in a university (somewhere down the road). I was born in NY, but my Indian heritage has been strong in my life. Although I am a baptized Roman Catholic, I also follow Sikhism (which people have always found fascinating) since my mom is South Indian-Catholic and my dad is Punjabi-Sikh. I am an only child, but I make friends easily and have many hobbies (so don’t worry, I don’t get bored quickly :)). I am trained in Western Classical Piano, as well as Indian Classical singing and instruments (learning from my father since the age of 5). I am also trained in a North Indian Classical dance called Kathak. I love travelling, although I have a fear of flying and have major airsickness, so I don’t know how I will visit Hawaii and Turkey (and all the other places…) 😦 I love watching all kinds of TV shows whether it’s the 1950’s “I Love Lucy” or 2020’s “Grey’s Anatomy,” although I would say I never get enough of “Friends.” I am a big foodie, and enjoy trying new foods as well as learning about different cultures. I published my first novel this year August titled A Friend Till the End and a short story titled Kosher (available on Amazon) , and hope to release the second and final part of my novel same time next year. An animal lover, especially of dogs!! All kinds of music are appreciated, especially if they are sung by Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez ;). I am also a huge movie buff, but I avoid horror movies at ALL COSTS!!! *Seriously, keep them away from me*…and I enjoy writing, reading, listening to music, dancing, and just started learning how to cook and bake (making use of the COVID lockdown). I know it’s a lot of information, and it’s definitely not “brief” like it was supposed to be, but I just figured that if this was the only way we would get to know each other, I might as well put everything down here now itself! Apologies if it’s too much, but at least you know all about me 🙂 #elitclass