Writer In Motion | Final Thoughts!

And just like that, a month goes by. Wild to think.

I don’t know what to really say about this experience. It was just so Good and Refreshing after years of working towards academic goals.

(Which are still good! Academic goals are still valid and great and all! Stay in school, kids!)

But yeah. The last time that I wrote a thing for Me and actually Finished it was ……………… late 2018 (Tho it was a fic lol so it was still kinda for something other than myself). Then the master’s program hit, lmao.

boop boop shamelessly plugging my master’s thesis pls give dichotomyoffan.com some love i tried v hard on her thank u ❤

And the last time I worked directly off a picture prompt was ………….. 2016 maybe? I think I mentioned that in my first post for WIM. That was for a class tho……… but I did work on it more later.

Whatever. This story was for WIM, so. [shrug]

Both times, I felt like I produced something that was… primarily exploratory. While I’ve been writing stories for most of my life, I don’t have much content out there for the world to see, y’know what I mean? Call it perfectionism, insecurity, possessiveness, whatever.

But I want to start saying fuckit (pardon) and throwing my content out into the world more. Because it’s fun, and cathartic–a serotonin IV drip, if you will.

Regarding the process itself. It’s hard to keep a story at 1k, man. (That’s the one thing I messed up this time that I will probably mess up again. Sorry in advance @ my future CPs.) Especially if you get hit with additional inspo from a dream you had 5+ years ago about science girlfriends and amnesia. Re: the POV, in recent years, I’ve liked playing around with the narrator’s gender. Either hiding it until a certain point if it’s necessary to the plot, or just taking it out altogether. I like the idea of the reader putting themself in the position of the narrator, and I think this could be one way to do it. (It’s also interesting to see people’s reactions to it–assuming pronouns or noticing a lack of them. Can you tell I did a project about this for a class?)

Also, props to people who can write every day. Dedicatedly. Like, scheduled. Could not be me. Should probably be me. But could not be me.

On that note, I think, also, knowing that there was a mass of others who were in the same boat I was every week was comforting. We struggle and stress and procrastinate together. We all have a bit of parental protectiveness over our works, a bit of please be gentle this is my baby, yet tell each other to tear ’em apart because we want to make them better. Ah, dichotomy.

Sigh. Well. I dunno what else to really put here. Save for a big final thank you to @BErixson (see you at work lol) and @gonzo_rhetoric for bullying me (jk jk) into joining WIM and critiquing my writing and trusting me to critique theirs. And probs a lot of other things, too. They’re lovely. And amazing writers. Go read their works. (ง •̀_•́)ง

So… yeah! That’s that, for now. I’d love to do this again. Looking forward to the next #WIM round.

See y’all then. Or sooner if I get working on anything of note.