Hello everyone! For those that I have not met, my name is Ryan Marlowe. North Carolina is my home state. I am the third child of my family, and the last one. I guess it took my parents three tries to get it right. Just kidding. I love my two sisters, but we have separate lifestyles and have grown apart through the years. Personally, I feel that my diversity and life choices have a lot to do with why I’m so distant from my family.

   After serving in the Navy, for what I consider the better years of my life, I embarked on the journey to find something that helps me understand life. During my career in the service, I experienced things that changed my mental clarity and physical abilities at times. Doctors and society have called it many things through the years, commonly known now as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

   Doctors are quick to shove medicines my way, but I hate taking pills that alter my mind. In reality, I don’t take any pills. Not even Tylenol for a headache. Finding something that could redirect my focus and attention has always been challenging to me, but writing is a tool that has benefitted me the most throughout my struggles, and I want to explore the tool further in hopes of finding relief for myself and others that struggle.

   I’m looking forward to the journey with each of you throughout the term.

The Genesis

There’s not much to know about me in my opinion. However, in the name of self disclosure, I’ll share. My name is Orella (Oh-Rel-Ah). I’m currently a second year grad student in the communication studies program with aspirations of becoming a renowned scriptwriter/fiction author. I think this is all possible once I get pass the self sabotage and procrastination. Until then, i’m just vibing. Taking it one day at a time.

My hobbies include running a food blog on instagram (@imgoneat), making playlists for my friends via Apple Music (@chipchop) and watching immense amounts of documentaries and films.

I registered for this course in hopes of learning about all the parameters of digital writing. I want to learn how to create writings for digital audiences, how to share my work and even how to profit monetarily. I really want to become a better writer. I’m hoping this class provides me with the tools and motivation necessary to achieve this. One thing I struggle with in my writings is consistency. I’ll write for days at a time, sometimes weeks. Then I won’t write again for months. There’s really no in between. Self sabotage aside, I’m super optimistic about this class!