5th Post: Re-discovering an old Thinking Practice for Reflection

When it comes to literature and writing relating poetry, I normally find it a bit hard visualizing the aspect of setting, place, and location. This is because in poetry, there is normally little space for description in great detail. What I mean with this is that, since poems follow on a certain structure and style, there is rarely space for a lot of description of details (as in the case of a whole paragraph) to just one words, phrase, or idea. At least this has been the case with me in the past when reading poems. But then again, I can’t say I am a poetry guru, by any means. Still, this has been always a challenge for me in the past: visualizing setting, place, and location in poems.

However, the electronic piece and work of Window, by Katharine Norman, changed this feeling and experience in my mind for the first time. The work is definitely heavy with its emphasis on location, time, and space. This adds another level of experience to the poem – one that draws you in into the moment taking place. The works is brilliant, and one can see it and feel it by simply navigating through the various moments (months, scenes, visuals, ect…) taking place on the screen. The sounds are exquisite to the moments, with birds singing in the background, kids talking, the wind blowing strong, and other human-made noises around the house. The visuals are also satisfying in presentation, with various shots taken from this window. We have admit, that it could have been different, and the window shot could have just been the same through the whole work. But it was not, as we have different position from where we look through this window, and this also adds another layer of interest and complexity to the visuals and presentation parts of the work.

The entire experience was really enjoyable as I was able to feel that I was at this moment and time, living in this same room. All of a sudden, this brought me back memories of when I was younger and I also used to spend a great of time around my room’s window, looking outside to wonder into the world around me. Of course I wouldn’t do it the whole and each day, but I would find myself practicing this habit quite a lot whenever I needed to brainstorm through a tough time, or just ideas that would be in my head. So experiencing this electronic piece, allowed me to re-experience once more something I used to practice when I was younger. And I have to say that I’ll most likely try again this old practice for reflection, which I had already forgotten as I’ve grown older and aged.