Here we go!  Another week, another glimpse into the ever evolving world of electronic literature.  Each time we read one of these pieces, I find myself learning new approaches to the technical application as well as different ways to view this kind of work.  I would not go as far as to say that I am comfortable with it by any means, but at this point, I think the uneasy feeling that accompanies that kind of discomfort is not only normal, but a major part of this experience.  First, I have to admit, I did have some technical issues when it came to accessing some of this work, but I was able to find ways to make it work.  First off, I want to talk about “Windows.”  Visually, this work was calming to me for some reason.  I think it is because the way that we as the reader are able to move around between different backdrops as we journey through, and I found that you felt as if you were home.  I can’t really explain it other than I know I felt a particular feeling of calmness while navigating (even if the experience as a whole may be “uncomfortable” does not mean that the individual elements are.)  As far as what was actually being said, the poetry added to this calming effect.  Honestly, my eyes began to waiver on me just a bif because I found this piece in its entirety to be that soothing.  The descriptive imagery in conjunction with the simple, understated background, as well as the way that we navigated that scene all came together to create that calm feeling, which I think is important to find in times such as the ones we are currently living in.  For me, I can honestly say this was particularly enjoyable and I look forward to hearing from Nieves lead our class in talking about this as I am curious to see what everyone else’s experience was.

Moving on to “Ask me for the Moon.”  Unfortunately, I was not able to look at this one really at all as my computer does not have adobe flash player and downloading it became a much larger hassle than anticipated, so in regards to this one, I am going to have to rely on Edward and the rest of your blogs to get a sense of what the experience was like first hand.  I was, however, able to watch the video that was included that acts as a short guide to approaching it, and I certainly found it to be unique and aesthetically awesome.  The writing itself seemed to be well done, but I am sure I will be able to vicariously experience it for myself through all of you and your blogs!  Sorry, I wish I could say more, see you all in class! 

P.S.  This song is probably my favorite cover of a song I have ever heard and it is stuck in my head so I am including it!

Window and Asking For the Moon

I really loved the meaning behind Window. From the jump, I felt calm. As the story tries to teach us, I lived in the moment a long with the story. What drew me into Window the most is that the writing was very detailed. To know and see things with such depth in a single moment means you are very present. I felt the author’s presence. I felt like I was with her wherever she was. I need to learn from this. I am constantly anxious as I suffer from anxiety. I am always thinking about “What is next?” instead of admiring what is going on around me.

Window gave me a moment to stop and think about the bigger picture. I am constantly on the move and rushing around… the noise of life can get to me. The noise in Windows was soft, kind of just white noise that plays in the background of everyone’s everyday life which is needed always. It is comforting. Kind of reminded me of the background white noise I use for yoga and meditating. That is where I feel the most at peace so it gives me a greater understanding in why this elit piece was peaceful and calming. The author of this elit piece definitely wanted to captivate a perfect “peaceful” day. Maybe her message was for everyone to slow down and appreciate the moment and our surroundings more? I feel like this message is perfect for the time we are in now due to COVID-19. APPRECIATE YOUR LOVED ONES AND SLOW DOWN IN LIFE! When life goes back to so called normal, I will be taking my own advice 🙂

Asking For The Moon highlighted the struggles and life of Indigenous community in a part of Hawaii named Waikiki. The author used the elit platform to bring awareness to a very important issue that we, the people of the rest of the mainstream world may be ignorant too. In this case, Ignorant is NOT bliss as this story presents important issues. The natives and the workers to Waikiki are losing their land to tourists. I don’t know if this was just me over analyzing but I felt like the story was kind of hard to navigate because this is a hard issue to talk about and we do not fully understand all that is happening to these people. It made me want to do my own research on the land and find out more. The color scheme was dark, representing the sadness this issue brings to the natives of this land. But the scenery was also touching. For example, the trees we saw were full of beauty. The audio did not correspond with that as the audio was kind of eerie. I got from it being workers of Waikiki struggling… sounding tired.

Asking For the Moon talked about the hospitality these workers have provided and they are asking for help… which makes them feel like they are Asking for the Moon… because receiving the moon is impossible and the way they feel and are treated makes them feel like what they want is impossible. But then again, that just my interpretation.

BOTS and Trope

When I first opened up BOTS, I was pretty confused. I thought maybe it was where I was and my surrounded environment distracting me from being able to navigate this piece. So I took that into consideration and went to my room, plugged in my headphones and went to work on it. Well that didn’t work. BOTS gave me coding vibes. It took me back to my 2nd semester of undergrad where I took Intro to Coding. OH MY GOD THE PANIC ATTACKS THE ANXIETY .. PTSD. Lol. But I wanted to give BOTS a shot with an unbiased point of view.

BOTS was different than any other electronic literature piece I have been introduced to in this course. However, BOTS are about creating something new and I feel that is the whole point behind electronic literature… to see literature in a NEW way. It was very high tech, advanced looking. I still don’t understand it completely but at least it wasn’t as terrible as I thought it was going to be. My biggest interest was seeing how much BOTS have progressed over time!

Tropes was my favorite piece we have looked at so far in this class. I loved the vibe to it. It was a little suspenseful as the color scheme used was dark and the unusual noises in the background. Mysterious feeling. I thought it was a great start to fall and spooky season lol. My only complaint about Tropes was I felt like everything was moving so fast. Once I finally understood the concept of one part fully, something changed! Almost as if the audio was being chopped up. Trope also was my favorite because it kind of reminded me of all the games I use to play as a kid. Building your own world… an avatar. I was a huge SIMS fan. Also Webkinz and Club Penguin obsessed! I definitely had generational nostalgia. But it made me feel at peace that a school assignment required me to have some fun.