Aiding Alice

Exploring Inanimate Alice

Inanimate with Alice was a lot fun to experience! From the engaging design of the interface to the actual literary aspect of the piece, Inanimate Alice is another favorite I would chalk down in my elite collection. With that said, I will be breaking down this piece to give different aspects of how I experienced it!

Overview of the readings

Inanimate Alice takes us on the adventures of 14 year old Alice. From the extended version of the elite title, Inanimate Alice (episode 4), that this is not Alice’s first go around! But for this particular episode (which is also the first time I am meeting Alice!)We follow Alice in her new life in England. Through images, audio, clickable activate text, and the conversation we have with Alice. The center point for this piece is watching Alice impress her friends and almost falling to her death! Typical antics of a 14 year old.. But let’s jump into the deeper reflection of this piece.

Deeper Reflection

The deeper reflection I have with this piece is the connection I can make with Alice. Moving to a new area and finally feeling comfortable is such a reassuring feeling, and we get that through the way we interact with Alice. I am trying not to talk too much about the media yet, as I wish to save it for the other aspects of this post. As a 14 year old, the need for consistency and friendship is an essential part of growing up. Alice talks about this as we navigate through her world and the new adventures that she is going through. This piece is kind of like that come of age, in the case of doing the most ridiculous things to impress friends. I choose to skip out on going through the “teacher’s edition, so that I can connect with Alice even more (glad I did that!)..    

Some of the significant textual elements

To be quite honest, all the textual elements were very significant for me in this piece! From the audio, clickable polaroid pics, and the interactive game element had me hooked. To go into further detail, I was a bit curious about what this gadget was that held a vast part of the information. So guess to be more specific, the textual element that I truly enjoyed was the gaming aspect. The first half of the piece gives a back story and walkthrough of Alice’s life. I am assuming there are great details in the previous episodes that also give these details. Having that information was useful and engaging, then being thrown into this kind of navigation game to get Alice out the creep factory safely definitely defined the experience with Alice.  

How I choose to navigate this text

Like I stated previously, I choose to navigate through this piece by choosing to regularly navigate through (sorry for the word jumble). I enjoyed that this piece was both a “traditional piece”, if that is a thing, and a game interface. 

Current Feelings

I just wanted to vent real quick on my current status for this current semester. Even though this has nothing to truly do with the elit piece, I thought this would be a good humanistic feeling to share with you all. This semester has definitely been one of my hardest. I wanted to share this with my fellow elit classmates/audience to shed some light on this feeling, just in case any else is feeling like this. I believe that I am doing my best and trying to produce the best work I can. So this little rant is for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed.. You are not alone!

Inanimate Alice Kicked Me Into High Gear

Between the title of the story, the referenced previous Russian residence of the character, and the peer pressure and looming death that the piece begins with, it’s only fair that the song that accompanies this blog post about Inanimate Alice is none other than “Luka” by Suzanne Vega, which has been lingering in the back … Continue reading Inanimate Alice Kicked Me Into High Gear


Well… guess it is my turn!! Tomorrow I will be presenting my project on Inanimate Alice Episode 4 by Kate Pullinger and Chris Joseph. I got to admit, I am quite anxious. (Really? Kaitlyn? Anxious about something? There is no way!) … Small joke there to make myself feel better. However, the jitters will fade and I am very confident on presenting this piece. I enjoyed Inanimate Alice. For me, it was extremely easy to navigate. I feel like Alice climbing on top of the building and ending up stuck up there was very powerful. “And now I am going to die!” Such a powerful line… I interpreted the snapshots as Alice’s life flashing before her eyes. I mean I would feel the same way if I thought I was going to die after doing something strictly because my friends told me to do it… I think this story was the perfect example of the classic “If your friends were going to jump off a bridge would you do it too?”

I think I liked this piece so much because of how Alice’s parents arguing. I know that sounds weird. But it resonates with me a lot. Growing up and especially now, my parent’s were always fighting and arguing. Relating to Alice on this gave me a personal connection to the piece which makes it less nerve racking to present. The aesthetic to this piece was dreary. The colors and the photos and the sounds definitely contributed to this. I have more to say about this piece but I think I will save it for my presentation tomorrow. AHHHHH nerves!!! Ok, I will be fine lol just need to get the dramatics out.