Time to Step Up to The Plate!

The Seashell (1).pptx

Above you will find the link to my Power Point presentation for my MA thesis: The Seashell. I’m excited to share my work with you guys! I can’t wait to hear all of your insightful feedback. Watching all of your presentations over the past few weeks has been so inspiring. I will be sharing a few more documents apart from the slide show during my presentation on Thursday evening. So stay tuned! In the meantime I hope my slides give you a solid overview of what I have been tirelessly working on so far. What an adventure it has been! What started out as a simple class assignment, quickly blossomed into a deeply personal, passion project of mine. I’m proud to show you what I’ve created so far! Thanks guys! Stay safe and enjoy your weekend! Xo

Is That All There Is? An Analysis of “Hunt for the Gay Planet”

Is That All There Is?

It was very difficult and frustrating to navigate to “Hunt for the Gay Planet.” Why so many dead ends? I do like the part where the bartender at a male gay bar tells our protagonist about Lesbionica. That was an interesting twist. But why is Lesbionica so nondescript and ruled by what seems to be an embittered queen who demands female dancers? Where is the celebration? Where is the joyful music? Where’s the joy, period? Is that really all there is?

I think that this piece of hypertext fiction (which can also fall into the category of interactive fiction) is trying to tell us that there is a lack of equity when it comes to gay representation. I wonder myself how many video games exist where there are lesbian characters? I can be dating myself here, but video games always seem so full of stereotypical machismo and explosives.

Speaking of equity, it has been relatively recent that gay marriage was deemed constitutional. It took the Supreme Court that long? Yes, it did. Indeed, homosexuality was deemed to be a crime in some places throughout American history, well into the twentieth century. As of a short time ago, you could get fired for being gay! All of these things are true in other countries! Even when it was not, people could not be openly out and expressive. I think that this still occurs.

There has to be that moment of hesitation where a gay or lesbian person asks him or herself: is it ok to fully share in this circle, to say I have a wife or husband? I know our program is accepting, open and safe. But there are arenas that are just not, period. I’m reminded of the last line of “The Hunt for the Gay Planet: “I am the love that dare not squeak its name.” That’s patently unfair. This type of self-effacement stems from a heterosexual hang-up that still needs to be eradicated.

So how do we work towards equity? Like everything, it is a process. But, there must be representation of gay and lesbian characters in all forms of media, including video games. We are doing better with representation in the arts, but we still aren’t there yet. Then again, gay people shouldn’t be made into proverbial poster children. Furthermore, it does no good to have a gay character in a film and all he or she talks about is sex. That is only one aspect of a gay or lesbian person’s life (the same is true of a heterosexual person).

I think what we need are more stories. It is in stories that we gain EMPATHY. We also need to get beyond the words “lesbian” and “gay” and get to know people. Being homosexual is not a lifestyle! That sounds ridiculously horrendous and flippant. Buckle up people, step into the twenty-first century.

I leave you with a performance by a great artist who is also an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights:

Born this Way!