Hana Feels

Thanks Gianna for picking this piece and also for the warning before reading. This piece was very heavy and interesting. I loved how the story was told through text/phone conversations. I also liked how we got to choose how to respond to Hana or how we could respond for her to others.

This piece hit home a little because I understand being sad and depressed and afraid to talk to anyone about it but I love that the author gave the readers choses to where Hana made the decision to receive help from those that was willing to give it to her. The authors statement stated that the story could end three different ways but while reading I always made sure to chose the option for Hana to ask for help in some way so that I could hopefully see her grow and receive the help she needed.

There was a part of the story where Hana’s friend asked her to join her for a double date. Hana had expressed that she didn’t want to go but forced herself to go anyway. Hana didn’t give what her friend wanted and she was very upset and threatened to end their friendship. Hana finally told her friend what she was dealing with and her friend had no idea. What I took from that was you never know what your friends are going through. Never just become upset because there was a change in behavior, ask questions, check on them make sure everything is okay before assuming.

Overall this was an easy piece to navigate through and I really enjoyed it.