Updates !

This week as it comes to a close this Saturday evening I was able to get through 3 blog post. Again just reiterating my intent in March is to edit all 15 blogs I do and maybe add more to them or even add a few more blogs to go along.

I have become in tune with the parenting side when to comes to dealing with Early childhood tech practices, and how important it is in todays ever growing society. It is very near a dear to me not only because that is what am I exposed to daily with my own children, but the subject does pose great projections with tech advancement, because children are literally our future. The earlier they are exposed to these tools the more advanced society becomes , and this is something history has shown repeatedly.

These there blogs this week shared the them of early introduction to tech and how parents are great influences to this in their young scholars. As a parent I feel I relate to not only a vast majority of other parents, but also I am very close enough in age to still understand and use these new tech practices as they emerge.

This next week I will work on the remaining 8 blogs. That is about 2 blogs between Monday and Friday. I can then do a rough edits of them between Sunday and Monday and next week I will speak about how the edits went when I do my blog.

Other than that there isn’t really much else to tell. I feel as though I am going at a good pace and effort with my work and I have small achievable goals that will soon all start coming together,.