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A Quick Update

My final project is a work in progress, and really, it will be until I decide it’s done. I want this to be at least a few months long. It’s posted on Reddit where anyone can find and read it. Since it is posted on Reddit, the posts can be read in any order.

One thing I’ve found out however is that for pictures, I have to post them with the text instead of linking to them. Though so far, I am enjoying this. There will be a post going live during class.

A Progress Update

Over the weekend, I made a plan. So over the next few days, I will be researching how to write elit on Reddit and looking into different ways to post.

I wrote out a few ideas. I want to incorporate pictures. I would add hand written journal entries. My main problem with pictures is that our world isn’t the world I’m writing about.

While I try to find a work around (or decent filter) I’m going to be planning out and writing the first 5 days of posts. Then try to post at least twice a week there after. I want this project to live past this semester.


I liked this one because it explained what was going on in the prisons across the country. I loved that you could choose a date. Since my birthday is coming up, I chose that date, Jan. 5, and a lot was reported on my birthday. I kept clicking through the entries and 1/5/21 kept coming up. I thought because I picked a date, it was glitched, but no and that seemed even crazier to me.

I also enjoyed that you could read articles where these entries were from or talking about. I feel like having the news article available to read made it more accessible and easier to get the full story. I found it interesting that you could read about all these prisons across the country experiencing the same or similar things on the same day.

Exposed does exactly as the title says, it exposes the problems in the prison system with keeping so many people confined. It also shows the United States’ lack of preparation for a pandemic and the carelessness that was given to prisons. One piece I read mentioned that the only people going in and out of the prisons during the pandemic were the staff members, who were not tested daily.

In my mind, places where you have whole city populations (and then some) in a small space – schools, prisons, hospitals, etc. – should have anyone and everyone getting tested daily. Yes, the virus still could have gotten in some other way (I’m not a science person so I don’t know how viruses work exactly) but the main way was believed to be person-to-person.

Reading this honestly made me angry. I’m thinking about the people who maybe just got into prison or the innocent people who were wrongly accused, even the murderers, no matter what they did to end up there, they did not deserve to be forgotten about the way they were. On the flip side, I think about their families, I could not imagine going through the pandemic clueless like we were, but then to add the stress of having a family member in prison with no way to make sure they were actually okay.

This country could have and should have done better.

A Kiss and The Infinite Woman

As I started clicking through A Kiss, I read a story that started with a kiss, and a minute later, someone was cooking in the kitchen. Then, I read about backyard gatherings and foster kids splashing in a pool. When I clicked “wrinkles in time”, it brought me back to the beginning. Off to another story, maybe.

The next story was about a girl clumsy enough to injure herself trying to kiss someone, something that I can oddly relate to seeing as I am so clumsy myself that I will walk into any and everything. Even after moving it so I don’t walk into it. I related to this one too much and I loved it!

I enjoyed that this elit wasn’t too long or too short and you could make it as long as you wanted just based on what you clicked. I also enjoyed that it was a very circular reading. How you would always end up back at “the moment of: a kiss”.

I enjoyed The Infinite Woman. As I was watching the words scroll past on the left of the screen, I noticed a wave pattern at the bottom and looked at how it was blocking some of the words. I was able to create this poem:

After all, it is out of shock caused by the lover, believing he is paying too much.
I became frightened by the feeling of their endless tug of war.
I did not know what I had searched for her a great roar of the bedroom.
Their docility is always uniquely situated.
He is the Other.
Not only are her body or degrades her soul.
This embodied dream is, precisely, woman; she pays for her an object.
No man is found at the lie.
Having a body and brain.

As I clicked different phrases that scrolled past, I paused for a second and noticed that the screen was fogging up. So I watched that until it filled the screen. It was calming because it was slow and not random or too centrally focused.

The whole elit project was soothing and very calming. I could sit and watch the screen for a while and see nothing wrong with that. I was able to create two more poems before I broke myself out of the trance of the project.

This story only tries to disavow abstract equality.
It would only be hopeless.
Vague or definite, unfounded or justified, jealousy is really a party.
But a question of women’s work complex.
This is why her conversation is far less well assimilated Nietzscheism.
The curse on the moors.
How, in the month.
Every subject posits itself as Other, defines the figure that the sea and its sound died.

The third one is my favorite of the three that I made.

She thus submits herself to her heart she is doomed is sanctified.
As for other women, that she is denied her; thus her progress is timid and uncertain.
The female is a contradiction with disconcerting consequences.
This is one of the social order they were fighting.
Her life is as real and devouring beast.
The woman who works at living is more tempted to give to him.
I wondered why I am now?
One must keep in mind that art, in its wake.

I really enjoyed these two projects and found them to both be relaxing.

Peaceful Dream and Zui Yong Shi

The main thing I loved about both pieces was that they did not need to be read to consume them. I enjoyed the audio portion of the pieces.

At the beginning of Peaceful Dream, I liked the color contrasts. I was confused at first because there was no audio then after about a minute, there was audio again.

For Zui Yong Shi, I enjoyed that you could scroll over the symbols and they would be translated. I also really liked the background of the piece.

I made an attempt to translate the pieces with Bixby, my phone’s voice assistant. While I did get a translation, when I compared it to the English right under it, it wasn’t the same, so I couldn’t trust it too much. (Bixby was set to Traditional Chinese so that factored into the poor translations)

Versus what the site generated
The first attempt at a translation

After the close to failed attempt at translating, I went back to just enjoying the audio and visual the pieces provided. My one question is what do these pieces say?

My Thoughts on Blackout Poetry

I have heard of Blackout Poetry before and this was a fun way to interact with it. I played around with the antithesis function. I liked the poems that came out of this.

Blackout Poetry is interesting. I let the bot choose a couple and I did a couple and the outcomes were cute. I enjoyed this one and it was cool to see what came from it.

The following are four poems that were done that I liked.

High Muck A Mucks

I started this without reading any instructions or about info. I don’t read instructions. I’m the type to check the instructions after I get lost. So naturally, I got lost and checked the about page. It didn’t help much but at least I’m watching a relaxing video of two people moving glass cups.

From my understanding, none of the cups are in the same spot where they started in the video. And as the video continues, there are more cups, making it more complicated and making me want to try this. However, based on the audio and the music, it seems like it’s supposed to be stressful and challenging.

I listened to a description of Chinatown, how it isn’t a tourist trap but instead a place where Chinese immigrants and their descendants could live and work peacefully. That sense of community reminds me of where I grew up. While where I grew up is entirely different from Chinatown, the sense of community is similar.

Next, there was a video with the words “Made in Taiwan”, “Made in Japan”, “Made in Indonesia”, and “Made in China” scrolling across the screen with different products behind them. It made me think about just how many products Americans get from Asia, that we don’t even think about.

I did enjoy getting to see another culture and how their beginnings in America were. And their effect on Chinese culture in America.

Reactions to ‘Twelve Blue’ By Michael Joyce

What am I reading?! I like it but I don’t. So this is my first time experiencing hypertext fiction and I am slightly confused. There is no flow or connection to the last thing I read. In one part, in the beginning, I read about a slay ride where the main character’s breasts were being fondled. Then in the next part, I read about the character going over the Falls, sexually and literally.

The last line was “how old were you when your father died?” But now, the main character is on a river bank talking about a deaf boy drowning. Honestly, I’m kind of lost. But I’ve only been at this for ten minutes, so let’s see where this goes…

I just read this part (see below) and when I highlighted it to copy and paste it here, “Why do you want more?” appeared. Now it has me questioning if I missed more parts like that or not. Also, this part was confusing. It seems to be a thought process after you try to call someone and they don’t answer, but at the same time, it strikes me as a mental list.

I had the strangest feeling, like someone was watching me.

It was like we shared one voice.

I called you but you weren’t home.

My mother used to know someone with the same name.

My body seems to live its own life without me.

I used to have something the same color blue.

Why do we think the story is a mystery at heart?

Why do we think the heart a mystery?

Who shares one voice?

*Why do you want more?

Why do we live? Why do we have to die?

I forgot to turn the calendar after Halloween.

The word “blue” is mentioned a lot throughout the links/pages/site and I don’t mind it because of how it is mentioned. It is often used to describe the color of the clothing but there have been a couple that I’ve seen that described the color of different objects.

I’m also starting to see some connectivity throughout where it’ll be where the last page left off, the next page starts with a similar thought process. I’m liking this more now than when I started, and it is keeping my attention.

I’m writing this blog post as I’m reading and before I added the last two paragraphs before this one I said after this I will write more. But then I ended up clicking two more links instead.

One hour later and I really liked this. In the end, I read about Dolores Peters and her father who bought a fair ride for $900 and Dolores’ friends loved it until they got bored of it and older.

Before that, I read about Samantha and another girl and their stories were confusing to me since they seemed like they were interwoven. And then there was someone whose boyfriend was deaf and drowned and I think they had a kid. Honestly, everything before Dolores was confusing.

I would continue reading this, and I want to explore more of the strings. After a quick click-through of the numbers 1-8, I noticed that the number 4, I saw before but when I saw it, “Alkali. Kali. Queen.” were all there and when I clicked the number 4 only “Alkali.” was there. I’m impressed by this. And I will look into it more.

Welcome to Me

Hello! I’m Chelsea, a grad student in the M.A. English Writing Studies program.

When I’m not in school, I like to read, write, binge shows and movies (and review them), take pictures, and watch football – proud Giants fan!

I have two dogs, I like to call them my terror babies. They’re both German Shepherds, Morgan is 2 and Peaches is almost 5 months.

Morgan (the black one) and Peaches (the tan one)

I also have 2 brothers, I’m the middle child, but also sort of the oldest. There’s a 10-year gap between my older brother and me. A fun fact, in my family, a lot of us have birthday partners or twins.

My mom and I were born 5 days apart and my mom and an aunt were born a week apart. My older brother and his wife share a birthday. My younger brother and another aunt share a birthday. Just to name a few.

Academically, I plan to attain two more degrees after this one. A Master’s in Communications and a Ph.D. I’m very ambitious and I know I’ll get those degrees.

I’m excited about what this semester will bring and the connections I’ll make.