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Hope you are feeling better this week but glad you got to tune in to class.

For both your topics I’d like to see a bit more about how they relate to are are signs of the dark state of the Internet- they definitely provide a venue for looking at internet culture. How does one know or determine the amount of their presence is performed? It seems totally subjective and there is more than enough things written about decreasing one’s time spent, also

I see a tad more potential in the second (though I’m fuzzy on what it is), there seems good room to investigate but think it needs a bit more as a guide than improving the definition.

Whichever one you pick make there there are clear steps/ actions a reader can do


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Is the money making always pure greed? It seems like it, but how else can the costs be covered needed to produce, share content that the consumers are not paying for? Would the internet be what it is if it was metered?

But absolutely, being informed is needed (thanks for the video, I can use this for another class) how do we get over the barrier of feeling like we, as individuals are powerless? Most think we just have to accept it, shrug, and click to te next web site/post/tweet (and I am guilty as the next).


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Maybe the biggest challenge that is beyond just being literate or a bit critical is how do we know all these things being done that we cannot see directly? It’s rather ghostly. And I doubt there will ever be any means by which it will be always revealed. So we accept the panopticon.

And short of a meteor hitting the planet, it’s hard to see any undoing of this. It’s not impossible, but it looks near so. Just plain resignation does not seem satisfying.

You do such a great job of weaving and connecting, and not only the topics we do in class but out of class.

We are sorry it seems like the work at the end was lopped on. Part of it was the schedule where we ended class w/o a chance to wrap up. We will try better to make it clear what is on the table for the week. But really, don’t think of it as homework, where there are points. What counts is the reflection you do as you did here, not how many assignments turned in.

Very much appreciate the criticism.


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Hah! This is thorough enough to negate our request about reviewing things mentioned in class. But we do hope in future ones you cast the net wide.

I’ve not seen to many results for this test that are less unique. And true, this is really much that cannot be blocked, some of the data is what is built into internet protocol. For example, everytime you visit the netnarr web site, the apache web server registers a log identifying a time, page viewed, and the IP address of most likely your wireless router (which in itself gives some geographic sense of where you are, but not a physical location, but like the town level). it’s not quite something to know about you per se. And the are positives to be said for knowing info about your audience. What is spying and surveillance vs metrics of usage?

The harder question is, in theory this might be used for foul purposes. but is it?

And how would one ever know? What does it take to be able to use this info?

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Kelli your work, participation, effort, blogging, creativity for this class is beyond outstanding. Those day long blog posts are gems to me, because of the way you wave in your own ideas, interests, and go beyond the check list.

I hear your pain with audacity, and salute you for persevering. There is something to be learned in doing something outside of your zone of interest, and I am thinking maybe someday in the far far future, you will have a need to do some audio. I could be wrong. Dead wrong.

And I am very happy you found a use for hypothesis- I think its a critical scholarly tool, I just felt like it was maybe that one tool too many.

Also, I appreciate your criticisms on gaming, if not obvious, it is not in my zone of big interests, and I wanted to try a few atypical things. Yes, redlining is really not a game at all, what I like is for people to interrogate that as a question rather than accepting it as an assertion because Teacher Says so.

It’s been fantastic having you as a student in class, and I appreciate as well all the times you helped other students in our activities. I can’t wait to see what you aim for in your thesis work– keep blogging and sharing it.

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Fret not, the project for this class will not be as large as developing the original Elit pieces you have done (and reviewed so well), but more about conceptualizing *if* you were to use Elit to make a piece about a a concept or issue we have talked about in this class, what would it look like? It will be more of a design/thought concept paper with maybe a prototype then the full work.