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Hana Feels

For this week’s blog I chose Hana Feels. It is a blog about self-harm. I thought the way Inglis told the story using text like dialogue and the suicide hotline was an interesting way to deliver this message. I like that he added journaling to gain an inside perspective into our main character. It showed Hana’s progress with being able to open up and talk about her struggles. Inglis provided three different outcomes which I enjoyed. It felt like a pick your own adventure book. I thought the depiction of the Hanna’s mom was on point. It gave the audience a clear picture as to why she can’t talk to her mom about her mental heath struggles. The most important part of this piece was at the end. Inglis provided resources for his audience if they find themselves struggling mentally.

The topic of self-harm is something I’m familiar with. I spent my high school years hiding my scars, now my tattoos cover them. I know first-hand what it’s like to suffer with feelings of sadness, anger, and depression. I had a difficult childhood, and I had every right to be angry. But I could have used some guidance in how to process my emotions in a healthier way.  It took years to work through my traumas and learn healthy coping mechanisms. I believe there needs to be more mental health awareness and services provided for children and adults.


For this week’s ELit piece I choose to do Exposed by Sharon Daniel and Erik Loyer. Going off the title alone, I did not know what to expect. After reading the about page, it hit a little close to home. I’ve had a “cousin” (my mom‘s best friend’s son) who has been in and out of prison for the last 20 years. This person and I were very close as children, but I have not seen or spoken to him in 15 years due to his life choices. He also happened to be one of the incarcerated released early due to COVID-19 spreading throughout the facility. 

I thought this piece conveyed how stressful and anxiety inducing life was for those incarcerated during the pandemic. It stated that prisons suffered from lack of social distancing, proper cleaning, hand sanitizing and a shortage of food and medication.  The treatment of afflicted prisoners was far worse. It breaks my heart that these humans were forced into solitary confinement as known as the “hole” which is considered psychological torture. General population also suffered greatly during the pandemic with restricted phone privileges and suspended visits. This piece truly exposes how big of a humanitarian crisis COVID-19 was and how it pandemic impacted some of the most vulnerable people in our society. 

I think Sharon Daniels puts into perspective how terrible and unjust our prison system is. And I whole heartly agree.  I also agree with Daniels when she stated that there needs to be a massive and permanent reduction in prison population. There needs to be an education over and more mental health services provided to low-income areas throughout the country.


For this week’s piece I decided to do C-Ya-Laterrrr. I was interested in how Hett was going to explore such deeply personal stories in a creative way. There is so much senseless violence in the world, and this piece represents one of those awful, gut-wrenching events based on the Manchester attack. This is a sensitive topic to explore, and I appreciate the trigger waring that was in the author statement. I think it is important for the reader to have the option of view something that might trigger them. It wouldn’t be worth it if it impaired your mental health. 

C-Ya-Laterrrr is my favorite Elit piece thus far and I love the simplicity of it. It is the closest Elit piece I have explored that has been most like the pick your own adventure books. I loved being able to explore an interactive version of a childhood favorite. Although the topic was heavy the interaction was almost nostalgic. 

I appreciate that the reader will always end up at the same place no matter what path that they take. The end or the lack of end was my absolute favorite part of the entire piece and brought everything together. My favorite line “In the long run the only thing that matters is that these words and thoughts are somewhere” (Hett). The need to have a place to let out your feels in a creative way is important when dealing with real life traumatic events. There is also a lot of symbolism in this piece. The loss of a loved one and the existence of time that is always fleeting is really put into perceptive with this story. 

The Infinite Woman 

Every week I go through the same process as I decide which blog to read in depth. I begin by reading each author and editorial statements. This week, I knew immediately that I wanted to experience The Infinite Woman Elit piece. What I enjoyed most about this piece was the way the reader could interact with it. The reader was able to create their own poem by selecting certain sentences from the given poem. The best part for me was the ability to turn your poem into a blackout poem by unselect certain words. Blackout poetry is one of my favorite forms of poetry. The one line that stuck out to me was “the myth must not lose her femininity”. I don’t know if it’s a correlation to virginity or not but that’s how I took it. I think in this misogynistic society those two things go hand-in-hand which can be traced back to the bible and Christianity. And as the poem goes on the author gives some push back on those particular conservative views of womanhood. I think every member of the LGBTQ+ community has to go through push back to live their authentic selves. 

I have been part of the LGBTQ+ community for the last 20 years and being able to say that proudly out loud is a gift not every member has been given. I had the honor of marching for love against Prop 8 in California while I was attending the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. I and twenty-five other people held a giant rainbow flag and walked it from the Castro District to city hall. We chanted “we’re here, we’re queer and love is love.” I will never forget that moment and how proud I was to stand up for the rights of everybody in the LGBTQ community.

Zui Yong Shi

I chose Zui Yong Shi piece because in the author’s statement he stated it was a multimedia artwork that generates Chinese poetry paired with a pentatonic melody. I love multimedia projects. And I knew I wanted to explore this piece farther. 

I also chose this piece because of the original artwork that was in the thumbnail. My ex was half Chinese and every time we would visit their mother in Los Angeles, I would be mesmerized by this Chinese painting that hung their living room. I would sit there and make up stories in my head about this painting while I listened to my ex play classical piano. It’s nice to look back and remember a simpler time before my mom got sick and everything in my life had changed.

What I enjoyed about this piece was the music that went along with it. I thought the rhythm and the tone really added an extra layer to this poem. I like that the reader can hover over the symbols to see what they mean in English. I found it interesting that it doesn’t make up a sentence. It’s more like random words on the page that the reader can make into their own poem. I look forward to the presentation for this piece so that I can get a deeper understanding of the poem and the message the author was trying to convey.

Forgotten Nights

I always read the author’s statement before I make a choice on which ELit piece I want to read. And Forgotten Nights immediately stuck out to me. Spoken word poetry is one of my favorite forms of poetry. I also love anything to do with astronomy. I instantly knew this was the piece that I was going to dive into for this week.

At first, I was a bit confused as to how this piece worked. I figured out that the poem started with one star, and it allowed you to add stars as you read the poem. I played around with it by manipulate the night sky to control the poem. The author laid out the words and it was up to the reader to choose the words and how the poem flowed. I thought that this was a great concept. I thought this piece was a great example of creating a new piece of art from the materials provided. The concept is simple yet profound. I appreciated the minimalistic aspect of this piece compared to other pieces that we have reviewed

I thought the word choices and the message was very well written. I liked the tone of the speaker’s voice. It was almost monotone, but it still had feeling and depth. I think the speaker’s voice was a great choice for this piece, and it added another layer.

As a writer and artist, myself, I enjoy combining two different art forms to make a creative piece. I think the author did a great job of that with this piece. It offered the reader the experience to manipulate their own poem journey. I like how technology has changed the way we view art and poetry. 

Everything Is Gonna Be Okay

From the moment I clicked this piece of elit, I know it was going to be a weird acid trip of an experience. I appreciate all the colors that are attached to this piece. It’s important when the subject matter is tackling such a significant topic. I enjoyed the introduction of the main characters, Alien-Melon, and Tat Ghoul. I like that it helped the reader navigate thought this work.

I like that the artists added humor in a subtle way. For instance, the green skull and bone hand that are used as toggles as well as the bones falling when something is loaded on the screen. I also liked that Tat Ghoul sounded like a weird Pokémon The humor of this piece really makes this an enjoyable read. I like the creepy skeleton slinking about at the edge of the graveyard. Also, the flying bat clickable links and the dancing skeleton with a shovel. 

Tat Ghoul and I share a love for the cemetery. I spent my youth hanging out in graveyards often. To this day I find them more peaceful and welcoming than any church. I like how each gravestone had a heart hologram on it when you hoovered over them. But the question mark cursor is my favorite little add on. I thought the imagery of Blue Suburbia was ominous and creepy but great. I also like that they played Beethoven in the background. 

The topic of death is prevalent here. Yet it deals with it in a humorous kind of way. It makes light of a very heavy subject matter. It is a part of life, and everyone must deal with death eventually in their lifetime. I also think it is a great way to represent depression and sadness in a less textbook medical way and more of a down to earth relatable way. 

High Muck A Muck

I enjoyed last week’s discussion of hearing everyone else’s feedback about their interpretation of Twelve Blue. It helped me with my blog this week. I think a classmate had mentioned that they take notes as they are reading. I do that as well. I think it’s important for me to do that before I forget anything that I might want to touch up on later.

The first sentence of High Muck A Muck hooked me instantly. I was immediately excited to explore this body of work. I appreciate that the author allowed his readers to read the full poetic text if you want, by just clicking the book in the corner.

The illustration of a human body with a map painted on them was a breathtaking image. I knew this piece was going to make me feel something, which is the whole point of art. I started this piece with Everywhere and Nowhere. I thought the imagery was beautiful of two people holding hands with a Ying Yang symbol in between them. By clicking the Ying Yang symbol, it brings you to a video of an old man. The video begins by zooming in on the old man’s eye. When the camera pans out it is focusing on a baby’s eye. I thought that was a beautiful imagery of life and death, rebirth, and renewal.

Next, I chose to explore Pacific Rim. The imagery of the ocean and ships added another level to this piece. The first and third ship were poems. The second ship was a video. It took me a moment to realize that there were texts moving across the screen that said Made in Japan. The video continued with images of products that included moveable texts stating made in Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, or China. I appreciate the changes in the music as the images changed. I think this was a very thought-provoking piece of art. The images of handbags with the text speaks volumes of the fashion industry.

I really liked that each tab had something different to offer. The Richmond tab had wonderful architectural illustrations discussing wanting a successful job and succeeding in Canada. The Vancouver tab introduced me to people and their stories. The Victoria tab introduced me to the people of Chinatown desperate to have a piece of their homeland in Canada. The Canada tab was an arm with a map illustrated on it with water at the fingertips and mountains above the arm. I think this says a lot about going back to your roots. I love the reference to trees and how deeply rooted they are in the earth.

Twelve Blue/ Pressman’s Article

Twelve Blue

Before I even began this literary journey I was immediately confused. Michael Joyce’s description of Twelve Blue had my head spinning. I felt like it was a long run-on sentence. It didn’t provide me any clues as to what Twelve Blue would be about. I had a hard time reading the blue text with the blue background, it hurt my eyes and I found it a bit overwhelming. The size of the text also had me straining to see and comprehend what I was reading. I know I’m old but I’m not that old, yet.

As soon as I started the story I was immediately, confused. I felt like I was listening to a drunk person ramble on about a distant memory that had nothing to do with me. I tried my best to follow along, but it made no sense. I had this nagging feeling that I was missing the point of what the author was trying to tell his audience. I felt like the writing jumped around as if I was watching a tennis match. By the end of the hour my dyslexic brain was running on fumes. I can’t even say that I didn’t enjoy it because I didn’t understand it

Pressman’s article

I should have followed the instructions and read Pressman’s article first. But of course, me being the person that I am, I did not. I don’t know if it would have helped because I did not understand the concept or message of twelve blue at all.

 I enjoyed Pressman’s article because she broke down what electronic literature is and how to go about reading it. As someone who is new to this genre, I need as much guidance as possible. I liked that she provided an example of what a hyperlink is and how it changes the narrative, taking the reader on a different path. I noted this concept immediately when I was introduced to this literary genre. It reminded me of the pick your own adventure books from when I was a kid, which I was excited for. I’m an elder millennial and a huge fan of RL Stine’s goosebumps series, especially when he did this concept. It was this type of writing that help spark my passion for writing. I enjoyed having a choice on how the story would play out. 

This interactive approach reminds me of The Oregon Trail. I have always loved games like this because it involves reading and decision making. And depending on the reader’s response it would reveal more narrative and you would continue with the story, or the game would end. I find this entire genre of literature to be fasinating even if I’m a little apprehensive about it. This concept it very new to me. But I’m interested to learn more it and have the ability to create my own work of art.