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P i e c e s of Herself

I must admit that the more I read E-lit, the more I understand and connect with the different pieces. I find myself going back and navigating through all the different pieces in hopes of gaining a new perspective each and every time. Pieces of Herself was NO exception. I really enjoyed this week’s E-lit.

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Throughout this piece, the reader navigates through different places that women (and men alike) encounter in every day life. As you click through the different settings, there are all kinds of sounds and animations, some of them make more sense than others. Each one holds a different meaning and a different connotation. I couldn’t help but read through my classmates’ blogs to see what different perspectives they had on what everything meant.

The first place you click through in Pieces of Herself, is the “bathroom”. This bathroom in particular seemed to be a public bathroom, with stalls and multiple sinks and even some showers. It reminded me of the locker room in my high school, a memory that I am not so fond of. In this bathroom, you hover over different things such as a heart and arrow with “Tracy and John 4ever”, a weird green eye in the window, fingerprints on the trash can, you hear different voices, such as a woman reminding you to wash your hands, you see what looks like blood stains on one of the shower curtains. All of these things makes the bathroom kind of off-putting.

The next place you can explore, is her bedroom. You can hear multiple voicemails left on her answering machine from her boyfriend and her mother. From what they are saying, neither of them have heard from her for a few hours or days. The excerpt for the bedroom is “where her mind would sometimes float to the ceiling”. Her bedroom seemed to be an escape for her, where she could just relax and hide away from the rest of the world and maybe even avoid people. This is also where you start to see things that don’t really make all that much sense. There is a frog in her bed. There is also some kind of writing above her hamper or garbage can about feeling out of place in her own town.

Next, we venture outside, where the first thing you notice is a church, you can hover over a fetus, what looks to be like an ape evolving into a human, an apple, you can hear bible verses, the National Anthem, and other weird noises. “Outside” seems to be the most chaotic place so far, religion, politics, theories, directions are all things that are being conveyed. Maybe that’s why she just likes to let her mind wander in her room sometimes.scared cookie lyon GIF by Empire FOX

After being outside, we come back in to her kitchen “where she is forever looking for the right ingredients”. AREN’T WE ALL? This reminded me of my experience in the kitchen, but maybe even in life in general. We are all looking for the right advice, the right directions, the right way to do things. In the kitchen, we have salt and pepper, what seems to be fire coming out of the oven, a grocery list, a birthday cake. There is also an audio bit of a woman talking about her mother buying her a girdle so that she could “look skinny again”. The kitchen is just another place in which this woman is overwhelmed by the amount of things that life is throwing at her.

The next three places are the living room, the office, and a main street. These places all follow along with the main theme. A woman has many different roles, many different expectations that are thrown at her. As the reader navigates through these different places in this woman’s life, we can click on and drag all these different symbols and sound bits onto her body. This action reminded me of how a woman is treated throughout her life. No matter what her age, race, occupation, sexual orientation, a woman is “labeled” by everyone in her life. People label women everywhere, whether its friends, acquaintances, co-workers, family, lovers, spouses, and even people who don’t really know you at all. Pieces of Me was a very real reminder that women are strong, resilient, courageous, multi-taskers that have to face a lot of struggles throughout every day life. Every woman has a different story, and every story gives her a new experience that she will carry with her throughout her life like a label. I truly enjoyed this E-lit experience.

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Goodnight! xx’s

Hobo Lobo Gave Me E-Lit LIFE!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the moment has arrived! The moment I have been waiting for since the very beginning of my E-lit journey. Hobo Lobo has cause my E-lit awakening, and I am SO. VERY. INTRIGUED….and maybe still a little confused (lol).

When I first opened up this reading, I was wary; my E-lit experiences thus far have been overwhelming and underwhelming and honestly, frustrating. But THIS! This was different. Finally, a story that made sense!

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In a very, very weird way, the story of Hobo Lobo, reminded me a bit of story books that I read as a kid with my parents. The illustrations caught my attention and made me want to explore more, dive in deeper to this story. It was like reading an adult-version of my favorite childhood pop-up books!

I am not as familiar as everyone else is with all the rhetoric that is involved when discussing E-lit, I am still a newborn in this whole new world of electronic literature. a whole new world aladdin GIF

Seriously though, why can’t every piece of E-lit be SO simply to navigate and follow along with? If you can’t already tell, I am regretting not choosing this for my walk-through. This would’ve been perfect.

I truly enjoyed Hobo Lobo, and I think it will always have a special place in my E-literature journey. It is the first piece of E-lit that I truly connected with. The illustrations, the 3D elements, the music, the dark theme, even the wording, just checked off all the boxes in my mind.



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Twelve Blue: My First E-Lit Experience

After reading Jessica Pressman’s “Navigating Electronic Literature”, I was feeling a bit more confident about navigating E Lit on my own for the very first time. Boy, was I wrong! Opening up “Twelve Blue”, I was immediately overwhelmed by the deep, blue color, and even more thrown off by the light blue text. All this hypertext almost immediately gave me a headache. The next hour of my life was almost guaranteed to make me dizzy.

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Navigating through the different links and reading the different stories wasn’t much more comforting at first. I found myself reading, and then re-reading these stories, wondering why I wasn’t connecting with the lexia on my screen.

Twelve Blue is….interesting. First off, the blue color gave me a feeling reminiscent of 90’s font colors, I’m not sure how my mind ended up there, but it did. The next thing I noticed was that the font sizes changed from link to link, the larger font in some of the stories made it a bit easier to read, the stories with smaller font, made me feel frustrated. I was turned off the by color and the font. The stories themselves were all very different, some more engaging than others.

Some stories have hypertext within the them, or towards the end, some of them don’t and you have to click on the lines on the left to navigate to the different readings. As I continued to read, I found that many of the stories lend the reader the opportunity to almost come up with the rest of the story on your own. None of these pieces feel finished, they are almost all missing a beginning and and end. This bothered me, so I had to use my imagination to piece the stories together on my own.

For my first experience, this was quite the challenge. Navigating through the hypertext was easy breezy but trying to connect to it, wasn’t. I am hoping that as I get more comfortable with this kind of literature, I will begin to enjoy it a bit more.

Until next week!

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