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I am at the point where I’m ready to close out my E-Lit piece, Ive just been having trouble figuring out if I have enough information or if I should I add more. Ive been using Inklewriter and it is super easy to work and navigate through which I’m happy about. I’m looking forward to getting feedback from the class to ensure if I’m going in the right direction.


When I first began thinking about the final E-lit project I wanted to do a love story. I was inspired by A Kiss and wanted to use the same format as that and tell my love story…I guess. Later I decided to switch and tell my story about depression. My hope is that my story would reach someone else that may be dealing with depression or is on the verge of becoming depressed. My hope is to help someone else deal with it better than I did.

When I learned about the resources for this project I quickly gravitated to Inklewriter. While learning how to navigate through it I found it very easy and it was the exact style I wanted to use. During the last class I noticed other classmates using Twinery, it seemed pretty easy so I worked with that for a few days. After using it for a few days I decided to go back to Inklewriter. So far I am making good progress. Im just struggling with if I’m giving too much information or am I not giving enough. I just hope there is enough information to possible help someone else.

Hana Feels

Thanks Gianna for picking this piece and also for the warning before reading. This piece was very heavy and interesting. I loved how the story was told through text/phone conversations. I also liked how we got to choose how to respond to Hana or how we could respond for her to others.

This piece hit home a little because I understand being sad and depressed and afraid to talk to anyone about it but I love that the author gave the readers choses to where Hana made the decision to receive help from those that was willing to give it to her. The authors statement stated that the story could end three different ways but while reading I always made sure to chose the option for Hana to ask for help in some way so that I could hopefully see her grow and receive the help she needed.

There was a part of the story where Hana’s friend asked her to join her for a double date. Hana had expressed that she didn’t want to go but forced herself to go anyway. Hana didn’t give what her friend wanted and she was very upset and threatened to end their friendship. Hana finally told her friend what she was dealing with and her friend had no idea. What I took from that was you never know what your friends are going through. Never just become upset because there was a change in behavior, ask questions, check on them make sure everything is okay before assuming.

Overall this was an easy piece to navigate through and I really enjoyed it.


EXPOSED was the perfect title for this piece. I believe that we all have some type of idea as to how things operate in prison but we are never exactly sure what goes on in prison from day to day. There are some people that believe those who are incarcerated shouldn’t receive great health care or anything great for that matter.

Navigating through this was pretty chilling. Experiencing the global pandemic in the outside world was extremely difficult, but to know how people in prison experienced it is mind-blowing. To read that there were prisoners that requested medical attention and was basically denied was very hurtful to read and now know. This was a major eye-opener to what really happens in prison, especially during COVID-19. This piece surely educated us and hopefully touched people to the point of wanted to do something to make a change.


This piece had me captivated just from the statement alone. When I read the editorial statement and it said this is a young Bonnie and Clyde-esque love story, I knew I would love it. Again I’m always interested in something that has to do with romance so this was it for me.

How To Rob A Bank was extremely easy to navigate through which made it easier to focus on the story and what was happening. I really enjoyed how the story was told, searching different things like “how to keep a man” “how to walk in the woods”, these few things said a lot about what was happening than what a full page of words would say. I found myself laughing at how inexperienced they were, literary giving themselves away by searching EVERY SINGLE THING they wanted/needed to do in order to rob the bank.

I really enjoyed interacting with this piece! Electronic Literature is how I want to read from now on!! LOL


I noticed every week when I read and interact with a new piece I always say this is my new favorite, but A Kiss…it is definitely a new favorite of mine. I love everything romantic whether it’s a movie, short story or poem. This piece was very easy to navigate through. I loved how I was able to kind of pick where the story went and really enjoyed everything about it.

This piece painted a great picture of what was happening, not only what was happening between the couple but what was happening around them. The poem was also very descriptive. For instance, it shared the color of her lipstick in great detail which gave me an exact picture of the lipstick she was wearing. There was a few times I was longing for more of the story but enjoyed all that it gave. A Kiss was great!


Im really enjoying exploring new literature every week. It opens my eyes to something new each time. This weeks electronic lit was very interesting. I chose to review Zui Yong Shi.

I was of course at first confused as to how to navigate through this piece but once I figured it out it was great. I liked the music that went along with the poem. Before I knew I was able to hover over the symbols and it would translate for me, I immediately thought how am I going to read this. My second thought was to search each symbol on google and read it that way.

When I figured out I was able to hover over the symbols, it made reading and understanding the poem much easier and I really enjoyed.


I love how each week I am exposed to something I’ve never experienced before. For every reading I am excited to see how interactive the piece will be, I’m impressed each time. I enjoy that we are not just reading words on a screen but experiencing reading in a whole new way. Elit makes reading fun and interesting and leave you wanting more of the experience.

Letters to X was very interactive. As you browsed around there were different templates of letters that would appear. My first assumption was that they were all love letters. That definitely wasn’t the case. There were different topics like love, learn, hope, wonder, wish and so many more. I really liked how you were able to fill in the blanks and make the letter as creative as you liked.

I found one very interesting. I chose ‘learn’ and read the template, what I thought would be a happy story turned into something totally different. I thought to myself, “This is the one I want expand on”. Here is what I came up with.

This took an interesting turn but I enjoyed expanding on it and wished I was able to do more.


I have always found blackout poetry to be interesting. I have always felt that blackout poetry says a lot with only a few words. The few words that are highlighted says more than 1000 words could. That’s just my thoughts on it.

I think I was expecting it to be as interactive as High Muck A Muck, it was interactive but in such a different way and I enjoyed it.

I loved that after watching the video, I was able to make my own blackout poetry. I started with The Great Gatsby which seemed to focus on family. I was able to pick out a few words that I felt stood out in the piece.