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High Muck A Muck immediately caught my attention. Now that I understand a bit better as to how electronic literature works, it made it a little easier to navigate through this piece. High Muck A Muck was very different from last weeks reading Twelve Blue.

Before I get into what I liked about this reading I will say that it was unfortunate that the words appeared and disappeared so quickly. Some poems I had to read a few times because of the words disappearing so fast. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let me explain what all I enjoyed about this piece.

I first navigated to Victoria and I was very intrigued by how much I was able to click on and learn about. I loved how the image portrayed the city of Chinatown. I liked when I clicked on the different buildings or people, there was a poem to go with it. In some cases there was narration along with a poem. For me that helped me understand what was taking place at the particular space.

Another portion of High Muck A Muck that stood out to me was Canada. While navigating through there were a lot blue dots and most of them had quick sayings or maybe even advice as you went through. I really liked that. I also liked the poem that talks about a family but relates a family to trees;

Like a family

Are these trees




I really enjoyed this weeks reading.


What is this?! What exactly am I reading? I have never experienced hypertext fiction, I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting but I definitely did not expect this. When reading the author’s description I said to myself “Wow there is a lot going on here” but I was excited to read about it all.

I started to skim through the reading just to see what it was all about I started at one ( Follow Me) then backed out and went to two (Riven Wishes) and so on and so forth. At this point, I became very confused and asked myself, “What is this?!” “Did I miss something?” “This isn’t making sense at all!!”. I went back to ‘Follow Me’ and read it a few times. After reading it a few times, I figured out there was a hyperlink that takes me to another story. I thought to myself “Ok now I think I got it. This is all going to tie together.” It didn’t.

I continued to click as much as possible and honestly, nothing made sense to me. I’m not sure what I read, I’m not sure what any of them meant. I felt as though all of the short stories were incomplete and always left me guessing and confused. I’m interested to read more hypertext fiction and hopefully, things make more sense as I continue to read them.

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