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Quing’s Quest

This was a fun price to navigate through. Like another elite price that was similar to this, it had many avenues to choose from while it had a specific plot. What took me by surprise was how many choices I had at the climax of the story. It made me sit back and think to myself for a minute to make a careful decision so I can progress through the story even more. When I finally got to a new page after selecting almost all of the answers-having a backlash story for each one (lol) I chose to select ‘play some music’ and that led to a number of dance options that progressed the story. In the end I chose to leave videogames and let it destroy itself. As a video game fanatic, I found this choice hard to make. Now that I’m at the end, I definitely want to go back and switch around some decisions I made throughout the story. Maybe I could have saved the planet from its own destruction. Or maybe I would’ve gotten arrested and lost the entire game. But I’m kind of content with just surviving and leaving to start anew. Btw, the music was pretty good.

Lexia to Perplexia

This was a tricky piece to explore, so I had to do a little research outside of the piece. Along with a video, I found a few websites with simple descriptions of the piece. The e-lit piece is quite outdated, and requires a specific browser specification for it to actually work. From watching the video on YouTube, I got a better understanding of the purpose. I’ve tried getting somewhere with this piece with computers all over campus and at home, to realize that computers nowadays are either too advanced or jut simply not compatible with the coding used.

Mark Sample speaks with Talan Memmott

Memmott explains the “obsoleteness” of Lexia to Perplexia, as everything around it has changed as it has stayed the same. I’m sure that I wasn’t the only one who had trouble navigating through the pages in this work-it may look as if the codes and links are broken due to the older coding used. Memmott says that this piece needs to be explored in a “specific environment” to really grasp the entire piece.

Lexia to Perplexia, approximating full functionality (with Netscape 4.06)

This is what Lexia to Perplexia initially functions like with a compatible browser, but unfortunately, up-to-date browsers will not get to experience this functionality. So, how can we really grasp this piece if we can’t explore it? I think I know what the ‘Perplexia’  means now, because I am pretty perplexed.

Blog 3

In Pieces of Herself, I didn’t really look at the instructions or how to play the game. It was easy to get an idea of what to do, however, just from the name. I inferred that I would be identifying an individual who passed once I got to the Main Street and saw the cop cars outside. Then I just dragged items that were random and rearranged them to see what I could do with the grey image to the left of the screen. The grayscale screen makes it seem dark and creepy.

Facade prompted me to install a flash player, and unfortunately the computer I’m blogging on isn’t mine to be downloading anything. I assume that it’s like an interactive game on the computer where every decision made creates an alternate outcome. I like stuff like this, so the game must have many realities in itself depending on who is playing and what is decided.

Blog 2

The bots made for twitter are very useful in many ways. They are artificial intelligence, but can still spark up conversation within the twitter community. Not only do they tweet with words, but they display images relating to those words to give a clear picture. Also, this A.I. can create content that other users can interact with like crossword puzzles.

I did not know that these bots were being used on twitter, but I am aware of some accounts that usually work under computer-rule.I think that my favorite bot is the poem bot because the tweets are short yet precise. They may not be complete sentences, but they convey a thought or feeling the people can relate to when they read it.

Blog 1

Despite the story Twelve Blue being a hard read for me, I understood some parts of the page and how to get around to other parts of the story. Unfortunately, I got confused as to where to go for part 9, so that took away from my experience and I became disengaged with the story quickly after.

At first, when reading the article, I overthought the concept of navigating through elit. I feel confident that I will identify stories that are easy to navigate through on a computer without losing the story. I have never read a book online, but I’m sure it would be a much easier read than if I read a hard copy.

First and Foremost

This blog is more of a means to vent and express my thoughts about depression and the struggle inside my head. My story goes back to middle school. I suddenly had the idea of writing to solidify past events reflect on life lessons. In making this blog, I thought of reaching out to the many people who may be going through something similar. It is imperative to know that you are not alone and that there ARE people out there who are willing to help. Unfortunately, I didn’t always have the luxury of talking with someone about what I’ve went through, but I want to make this a place where people can come to express themselves and seek guidance on this journey of escaping this oppression that is depression.