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Final E-lit Piece

Well… we have reached the end. My final e-lit piece is hot off the press. I got to say… I had fun doing this project. It was stressful at first because I did not know what technology to use but once I decided, everything worked out and I think I put together a good story. As I was watching the presentations in class on Wednesday (which were amazing), I felt like my story could not compare. Everyone presented such a deep and moving story and I am over here with a fairytale/fiction story. I brought this up to my mom and she brought up a good point. That that is the kind of writing I specialize in. I have always been able to come up with good concepts for fiction/children’s stories. So I am not shocked my elit piece led me here.

SO my actual story: Adventuring with Adelaide.

The story of Adelaide Bennett takes place in the 1980’s just as she was about to turn 18. Tired of being controlled and told she needs to have a husband in order to ever become queen of her home St. Caspian, Adelaide sets off on a journey across the water to St. Craester’s, an island that does not rule with a monarchy and is ruled by women. As she hatches her plan to leave, Adelaide realizes that she might not have thought this plan all the way out. She is now faced with a decision… will she continue at St. Craester’s and stand up for her beliefs? Or go home to St. Caspian? and live her life has a lie?

This story has a heavy woman empowerment/feminism theme attached to it. I like to describe it as Princess Diana when she dismissed the Royal Family and live her life the way she wanted too. Mixed with a little Mulan where she fought for what she believed in. Many stories out there that capture the same vibe but the elements I added through the technology made it stand out. I used Instagram.

The Instagram feed portrays her diary with all her entries. I then told the story on the Instagram story option. I divided all the elements of the story in the Highlights tabs on her page to make navigation easier and readers can choose an ending. I also made another Instagram page that was made by her parents when they could not find her to track that journey… A lot of different things to click on and explore.

I am happy with the way it came out 🙂

Update on elit piece…

My elit piece is coming along. I have named my Victorian Princess. Her name is Adelaide. Adelaide Bennett. I came up with the name thro  if u a random name generator I found online: They had a category for any subject for a story you could think of! Mermaid names, criminal names, modern names, victorian names, estate/mansion names, you name it!! I felt like the name Adelaide Bennett was as Victorian as it was going to get. 

While the theme right now steered a little away from the Victorian era… it is now more of a royal family/feminism story… Kind of a princess Diana meets Mulan situation??? I think I am going to use Instagram as my outlet… I want to have my princess keep diary entries so i think I will use the Instagram feed as her actual diary… and tell the story via Instagram stories… I want the readers to be able to choose their ending… I am going to have 2 different endings. I don’t know exactly about what yet… I have thoughts I need to free write!!!

ELIT Final Project Updates

This is an interesting project to finish up the semester with. Making your own piece of electronic literature. Don’t get me wrong, it sounds really fun but coming from the least tech savvy person I know, I am quite intimidated. I think everyone kind of has this feeling. Amber, Ryan and myself were talking about how important it is to find the right type of technology for this project in break out rooms last week. I got curious (and a little bit nosy) on what everyone else’s ideas were for their piece so I scrolled through the Google Doc where we put our ideas down and I must say, everyone in this class is really creative. I love the ideas I saw and am excited to see them come to life.

The piece I presented in class, Inanimate Alice Volume 4 was what I based my idea off of. Well not the storyline but the concept of a journey and figuring out a problem when life puts you in a rough situation. I feel like I am more drawn to stories that show how to overcome hardships and bumps in the road as you try to navigate through life. However, I want to add some of my own personality into this story. I decided I wanted to create a story based in the olden times. The Victorian era to be exact. The story will be about this girl (who I have not named yet) who lives an upper class life in this time period but she is tired of this lifestyle and wants to run away.

She will set off on a journey where she will be carrying a journal and each stop a long the way we will be introduced to a new journal entry she has written. At one point she will have the chance to turn back and go home or keep going and whichever path you take will be how the story ends. Since journal entries will be involved and the modern day journal entry could be related to a social media status, tweet, blog etc. I think I will be using a social media platform to help me out with that. I am thinking Tumblr so that way I can use pictures to help connect the blog posts and add hyperlinks so the story is even more interactive.

I pretty much have my ideas down, now all that left is to create. Technology is challenging but I am confident my piece will turn out good.

Hunt For the Gay Planet

Hunt for the Gay Planet was an interesting piece to say the less. As any elit piece, we go on an adventure and explore. Well I felt that in this piece, we literally explored. We explored a dark place in my opinion. A place where people who identify as gay are not accepted and need to find somewhere else to live in order to obtain that feeling of acceptance. While a sad and dark topic, the author uses humor to discuss the topic.

It is truly a shame how even today, people apart of the LGBTQ+ community struggle to find themselves, love, and acceptance. I feel like people need to get with the times. In this story, you have to “find the gay planet” (Duh.. the title says that). But that made me think… why do we need to search for acceptance?? Why do gay people need to be excluded to… a whole new planet? While upsetting to think about… I think the author was trying to make us feel sympathy for these people. I assume they are an alley to the community which is a major respect point.

It is interesting that they are not accepted because the government is scared of them. So kicking them out is not out of hate but fear?

The ending was my favorite part of this elit piece. We have defeated the queen. I felt like we gained a sense of control and we are ready to make a difference. We are ready to restore equality for all. While the story covered a serious topic, I enjoyed the humor and the story. It engaged me. I think this story is the perfect way to talk about this topic to the younger generation. Have some fun with it, but still educate.

Redshift and Portametal

This piece was powerful. Everything about it. The imagery was outstanding right from the color to the sound. The sounds, as calming as they could be were also kind of scary. Not scary but gave me an unsettling feeling. Anxious? (A feeling I am quite use too). The piece covered a topic that some may say is taboo. However, I feel like it NEEDS TO BE TALKED ABOUT. The transgender community. The Trans woman. Trans women of color. The exact demographic that is more attacked then any other in this country and it is quite sickening.

This piece should make the reader feel for colored trans women everywhere. They need the support. The hardships they face that were depicted in this piece made me utterly sick to y stomach. I am a strong alley to the LGBTQ+ community. As a cis white woman, this piece made me realize how easy I actually have it.

The colored trans woman in this piece talks about not having the luxury of expression and that it is better to be invisible because the less eyes on her, the less hate comes at her. For anyone confused on why these lives need justice and these lives matter, I think this piece will give you a perspective on it, and why they need our support and the struggles faced everyday by trans women of color

Letter to Linus

Letter to Linus was a fun piece in my opinion. I feel like this elit piece really focused on language. However, it focused on language as a bigger picture and how language can be used to depict the good and the bad. Language provokes new ideas and thoughts and can trigger ideas no matter the culture. It also went into language use as propaganda. When it comes to navigation, I found it really easy to get around. The story was set up in a cube and each side explored a different part of language. I navigated through this story to different times. The first time I was not really into the story so I decided to go back again and try a different route. I think I was not into the story at first is because I could not understand who Linus was. And why Linus was being so praised by the writer. I then came to terms that Linus was using language as propaganda to go against the government. How brave. I think this piece covered an interesting topic. It showed rebellion. Rebellion through language and writing is something very special. This piece also really focused on imagery. (Well like most elit pieces) but I was more captivated by it in this piece. Very powerful.


Well… guess it is my turn!! Tomorrow I will be presenting my project on Inanimate Alice Episode 4 by Kate Pullinger and Chris Joseph. I got to admit, I am quite anxious. (Really? Kaitlyn? Anxious about something? There is no way!) … Small joke there to make myself feel better. However, the jitters will fade and I am very confident on presenting this piece. I enjoyed Inanimate Alice. For me, it was extremely easy to navigate. I feel like Alice climbing on top of the building and ending up stuck up there was very powerful. “And now I am going to die!” Such a powerful line… I interpreted the snapshots as Alice’s life flashing before her eyes. I mean I would feel the same way if I thought I was going to die after doing something strictly because my friends told me to do it… I think this story was the perfect example of the classic “If your friends were going to jump off a bridge would you do it too?”

I think I liked this piece so much because of how Alice’s parents arguing. I know that sounds weird. But it resonates with me a lot. Growing up and especially now, my parent’s were always fighting and arguing. Relating to Alice on this gave me a personal connection to the piece which makes it less nerve racking to present. The aesthetic to this piece was dreary. The colors and the photos and the sounds definitely contributed to this. I have more to say about this piece but I think I will save it for my presentation tomorrow. AHHHHH nerves!!! Ok, I will be fine lol just need to get the dramatics out.



With Those we Love Alive

I really had to buckle down and get in my one to navigate With Those We Love Alive. I thought it was really interesting how this story encouraged us to take notes. At first I was just going to take notes on my computer, but after I saw it was encouraging to use a writing tool (Pen, pencil, etc.) I grabbed a piece of paper and went to note taking. It took me 2 times to navigate this story. But I am glad I did it for a second time because my mind was more open and aware.

I loved how With Those We Love Alive, I felt like I was in a complete other world. A world that definitely needed to be explored. A world so beautiful but yet so traumatizing in a way. How you navigated this story was all up to you but it definitely changed your character’s fate. It kind of reminded me of that interactive Black Mirror movie where you decided how it ended by picking and choosing.

However, I do believe whichever path you decided to take, everyone ended up with the same outcome. I think this is because no matter what you do in life, everyone has the same fate. Not to sound morbid or anything… but no matter what path of life you take, death is inevitable. I think the author was trying to portray kind of a “Circle of Life” type message.

My favorite part of this piece was talking about names. I remember in the beginning of the semester, Dr. Zamora asked us where we got our names from. I got my name Kaitlyn from a girl in my mom’s first Pre-K class her first year teaching. My mom’s reasoning was that she just thought this little girl was simply adorable. I use to not like my name at all but now I love it. Your name is a big part of who you are as it has a million meanings behind it. Literal meanings, your parent’s reasoning for that name choice, and how you leave a mark on the world with your name. How you make a difference and the name people will remember when you make that difference.

I enjoyed the audio and visuals of this piece as well. It made it exciting and mysterious. Made it easy for all learning types to navigate. Overall, I really enjoyed this piece of elit. I hope I do my story justice when I present next week.

Window and Asking For the Moon

I really loved the meaning behind Window. From the jump, I felt calm. As the story tries to teach us, I lived in the moment a long with the story. What drew me into Window the most is that the writing was very detailed. To know and see things with such depth in a single moment means you are very present. I felt the author’s presence. I felt like I was with her wherever she was. I need to learn from this. I am constantly anxious as I suffer from anxiety. I am always thinking about “What is next?” instead of admiring what is going on around me.

Window gave me a moment to stop and think about the bigger picture. I am constantly on the move and rushing around… the noise of life can get to me. The noise in Windows was soft, kind of just white noise that plays in the background of everyone’s everyday life which is needed always. It is comforting. Kind of reminded me of the background white noise I use for yoga and meditating. That is where I feel the most at peace so it gives me a greater understanding in why this elit piece was peaceful and calming. The author of this elit piece definitely wanted to captivate a perfect “peaceful” day. Maybe her message was for everyone to slow down and appreciate the moment and our surroundings more? I feel like this message is perfect for the time we are in now due to COVID-19. APPRECIATE YOUR LOVED ONES AND SLOW DOWN IN LIFE! When life goes back to so called normal, I will be taking my own advice 🙂

Asking For The Moon highlighted the struggles and life of Indigenous community in a part of Hawaii named Waikiki. The author used the elit platform to bring awareness to a very important issue that we, the people of the rest of the mainstream world may be ignorant too. In this case, Ignorant is NOT bliss as this story presents important issues. The natives and the workers to Waikiki are losing their land to tourists. I don’t know if this was just me over analyzing but I felt like the story was kind of hard to navigate because this is a hard issue to talk about and we do not fully understand all that is happening to these people. It made me want to do my own research on the land and find out more. The color scheme was dark, representing the sadness this issue brings to the natives of this land. But the scenery was also touching. For example, the trees we saw were full of beauty. The audio did not correspond with that as the audio was kind of eerie. I got from it being workers of Waikiki struggling… sounding tired.

Asking For the Moon talked about the hospitality these workers have provided and they are asking for help… which makes them feel like they are Asking for the Moon… because receiving the moon is impossible and the way they feel and are treated makes them feel like what they want is impossible. But then again, that just my interpretation.