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I agree with you in that ‘privacy (of personal data, mainly)’ in today’s evolved form of technology (internet access) is not as easy to maintain these days. But what could have been expected otherwise? It’s almost as if we have become vulnerable to the powerful dark side of the internet; especially since we have such great demand and use of it everyday. This is probably one of the main reasons to why it is so hard for there to be a more friendly web towards the user’s privacy. At this point, only time, and some efforts from groups of active individuals (or leaders), can bring some chance to the table. And even so, it would be kinda stretching it a bit. Until then, I have to say is L-O-L.

Nice post here! Thanks for sharing!


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Wow Kelli,
This is a quite impressive here! Nice thoroughly detailed and engaging post. Your sample visuals (screenshots) and hyperlinks really made this possible. It is what makes your posts so enjoyable to read.I like how you dove into, party, into this other side of darkness of the internet. It is scary to even think that almost every website of online software we use it is in some way tracking our every action online. And perhaps what is scarier is the fact that our collected data could be possibly used in ways that violate our overall privacy. You post here is a great reminder, and eye opener, of what is happening online these days.

Thank for sharing!
Karel (or NavyBluGuy)

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Greetings Writer (Or rather ‘Alchemist’),

I find your response to the week’s activities very interesting to say the least. More surprising than all, you hit the nail in head with every single topic that was covered, and provided a nice reflection to each. This shows how affixed you were with the activities overall. I have to say, from reading your response, I found your opinion to ‘Surveillance Capitalism’ the most interesting. This is mainly because in this part of your response, you noticed one realistic thought: we are not completely sure of what is exactly being surveillanced from us, or even how it is taking place from day to night. Because of this, many of us feel the need to take precaution, while others feel hopeless. Still, one thing is not to be forgotten or ignored in all this: we should not just ignore this issues which affect us all.

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