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Rounding 3rd

I cant believe the journey has all but come to an end. While I still have some work to do on my thesis, I am happy with the way that it’s is turning out. As all of you are aware at this point, I am a bit guarded and protective over my work, especially when it is something that is creative. It took my a while to get my footing and to get in the groove on this project, but as I have gone back to read where my progress stands, I am really excited to share it with Dr. Zamora and the rest of my classmates, as they have all been around to support me from the inception of not only this project, but my time in the program as well. Now, it’s just about finishing what is infront of me and moving on to bigger and better things, as I’m sure is the case for all of us. Hang in there guys, it’s the last week!

Not much to say

Thesis is going fine, still working through it. The last couple weeks have been rough. I was dealing with my own personal family stuff (all resolved, no need to worry!). However, over this past weekend, there was an unfortunate and tragic accident that involved people I care about. My enthusiasm for this project and anything in general at this point is almost non existent. I guess perspective does that to a person. I’ll see you all tonight.

Thesis Update 4/13

I have been making some really good progress on my story and am excited to be reaching the end.  I am finished with most of it, and I look forward to keeping my progress going in the right direction.  I said last week that next friday is when I hope to be done with the work completely, and I still feel as though that is a viable option.  Moving forward, something I hope Dr. Zamora can touch upon this week is what it is we need to be submitting with our work.  Proposal?  Annotated Bibliography?  As well as what date she is aiming for as far as final submissions go.  Those are all the thoughts that I have this week.  See everyone in class! 

Thesis Update 4/6

Not too much to report this week, just kept grinding away at my work.  I think I am now starting to think more and more about the potential timelines for when I want to have all of the writing and research done, so I have come up with a bit of a schedule.  The goal from here on out is to be completely done two weeks from this upcoming Friday in terms of writing.  That will give me some time to put finishing touches on research, proposals, and whatever needs to come along with it, although that will really be a simple modification and updating from last semester, similar to my slides for the presentation last week.  See everyone later tonight!

P.S. For all my Mets fans, new year, same old Mets, am I right? 

Thesis Update 3/30

Since I am going to be presenting, this will be pretty brief.  This week, I just continued to write.  I have identified a couple of areas where there might need to be some final research done, but I feel pretty good for where I am in terms of research.  I decided that for my presentation that I am going to share the beginning of my thesis.  What I share with all of you tonight is the beginning of my project, as it sets the stage for all that will ensue in my story.  I also feel like getting feedback on this part of the story will help steer me in the right direction as far as the feel and tone of the novel.  From the beginning, I wanted to create an eerie, uncomfortable tension for the reader where they are always kind of bracing for what is next, and I feel like you all will get a small glimpse of that in the reading that I plan on sharing with you all.  Or, maybe not, and that feedback will be valuable in helping me shape and refine it better.  Go easy on me guys!  See you in class!

Thesis Update 3/23

The past two weeks have been okay as far as my thesis progress is concerned.  I did some light research regarding displacement camps as these kinds of places are a major part of the later portion of the story.  I spent some time continuing to write and make small incremental progress where I can.  I am hoping to be over the half-way mark by the time I present next week, but that is still yet to be seen.  I think the more I think about this project as a whole, I am beginning to get a better feel for what the final product will ultimately look like; in all likelihood it will fall anywhere between 40-50 pages, and will, hopefully, be a piece that not only attaches people to the story and character, but forces them to think about our own real world and how the themes from my story can illuminate how we, as a society, can and should adapt with all of the different elements that we face.  

Thesis Update 3/9

This week, I was able to write a fairly good amount.  Not as much as I had hoped, but still got some good work nonetheless.  I am almost finished with the first act, but I decided to put that on the back burner for a minute and begin the second part of my story.  I am not too deep into it yet, but am definitely excited to continue with it.  I feel as though I’ll be able to write these parts of my story quicker than the beginning, simply because there is less of a foundation that needs to be laid.  A lot of the background and the setting is already in place from act 1, so the rest of my writing is going to center mostly around the story itself, which I am very excited to move forward with.  

Thesis Update 3/2

This week was a much needed one as far as my thesis goes.  I was able to find my groove and I think I have remedied my overall issues with making progress on this project.  For me, I think I was looking at it in too much of a macro view and I haven’t really defined what the final project is going to be.  Over this week, I think I have had that epiphany; a story.  Not quite enough for it to be a full book, but not short enough to be a short story.  Just, simply, a story.  Seeing the piece through this prism has allowed me to remove a level of anxiety and just focus on the piece itself.  I must say, I think I made big strides.  I am coming to the end of act one, and look forward to continuing to work through this in the coming weeks.  Soon, I will be able to share this with all of you, and I cannot wait to get some kind of feedback.  I look forward to speaking more on my progress and hearing about how everyone else is doing with their work.  There’s hope guys! 

Thesis Update 2/23

I have to be honest, this week could have been more productive for me. I just hit a wall of some sort, and the words did not come out as easily as I would have hoped them too. It is not the end of the world, but I am my harshest critic and feel like I lost some valuable time to work on this piece. I will get into specifics of my progress in class tomorrow, as there is not a whole lot to report. All is not lost, however, I definitely feel confident enough that I will be able to right this ship sooner rather than later, but an overall underwhelming week in terms of progress.

On a personal note, I am happy to share that I have been informed of my acceptance into Oklahoma State University’s PhD program in English, so that is something that can hopefully give me a much needed boost for this process.

Thesis Update 2/16

This week I spent some more time writing my story, and I can feel the momentum beginning to build.  I definitely feel as though I could have gotten some more done, but I feel really good about what I was able to accomplish as I can now see where things are coming together and where I could possibly make improvements or tweaks, but that is something I will do once I have Dr. Zamora takes a look at it and gives me her own opinion on the direction of my narrative.  For tonight, there won’t be too much to report back other than I feel as though I am moving nicely through all of it and will be excited to continue moving forward with it.  That’s all I got guys, see you all in class!