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Storyboarding / Blog 7

Please forgive this VERY rough storyboard as the beginning of what I hope will be a fantastic piece of eLit intended for younger audiences.

first draft storyboard

This eLit piece will teach children exactly what bullying looks like. After substitute teaching for a couple years now, I have noticed many situations where students are bullying, but they don’t know that they are doing it. Most of the time they are simply copying behaviors they have seen elsewhere. I would like to use this eLit piece as a tool to educate students and continue to work towards completely eliminating bullying from our schools.

WIP Electronic Literature: Sellers of Various Kinds

It is very interesting to work on an electronic literature of my own after experiencing some examples in the class. Right now, I only have the premise of what I’m planning on. Whether this premise will prove fruitful or not remains to be seen. The basic idea is that the reader is “a customer” who needs to decide how to spend the given money and choose what to purchase. The screen will consist of 9 different characters and each one will be attempting to sell some sort of product. The following sketch is an early concept:


In order to add a little bit of flavor of humor, some of the characters are exaggerated; we have a sorcerer, a robot, and a goblin warrior mixed in with the crowd.

The piece will be very dialogue heavy. At each round, they will attempt to convince the reader to purchase whatever they are selling. Some of them could be honest, others could be tricking the reader. This interaction will be an examination of methods that people use to persuade others and certain methods used in marketing.

As the concept and the idea develops further, I hope it will take an appealing shape. I’m looking forward to finishing this work by due time.


The initial idea about my elit is “marriage”. I want to write about different kinds of marriage, both happy and unhappy ones that I have seen or heard about in my life. The theme might be asking what a happy marriage seems like or what are the “definition” and key components of a happy marriage. 

The reason I would have this idea is omnifarious. First, I am the one who does not have so much confidence about marriage. I grew up seeing and hearing about a lot of unfortunate abortive marriages of my relatives and my mother’s friends, which gradually destroyed my beautiful imagination for marriage. However, I watched a Chinese variety show entitled “Viva La Romance” on YouTube recently. The eudaemonic marriages of the four couples in the show demonstrate another possibility of marriage for me. It makes me curious about whether there exists a secret key to a happy successful marriage. I want to mix the real life experience of one of my aunt and a fictive happy marriage to make up my own elit.

屏幕快照 2018-11-06 下午5.38.59

I want to make a site that like a travel journal, which is written by a divorced woman. The woman is 36 years old and she goes to a travel with her friend, Amy, right after she divorced with her husband. Amy has a really sweet husband and is two years younger than her. During their travel, she learns a lot from Amy and Amy’s marriage. She records the things happened and she learned by writing a travel journal. 

Actually, I want to make something more fun and interesting. However, it is still really hard for me to create something like animations and images, just anything more than texts. I would like to learn about doing these things and make my elit piece more interacted with the readers.

Rough Idea about my E-lit Piece

I have an idea of creating some stories about the old people who live alone. The reader can engaged in the story. For example, the reader is the only one that cares and accompanies the old man. You do things for him. But he does not know. Like an invisible man. Through the process, the readers can gradually know the story of the old man’s life.

I plan to set the background in a small cabin with some basic decoration. The outside weather is rainy. I would like to use sounds from the rainymood website to create the atmosphere. Hence, the home page goes like this: the left is a cabin with one old man, the right is a rainy environment.


Actually, I do not know how to make the animation and strengthen the interaction with readers. It is just a rough idea. I will mainly use hyper-text links to move forward the plot. Through this piece, a sense of isolation must be created. The readers can involved in the story, but what the readers do are unnoticed. The old man is still alone.

However, I think it is too easily-organized. I am thinking to put more content and more interaction methods into the story. (Maybe one rain drop is going to represent one section?)



vii. I am Late and This is a Storyboard(?)

Hello! Happy Election Day! I am very late with this “storyboard” of sorts and I apologize. It’s been A Rough Few Days, haha.

Here’s the gist of what I have so far.


I know I’d definitely like to hint at stories/story ideas that I’ve come up with in the past. And it’d be really cool to “break the fourth wall” and put bits about myself in there, as well. Ha, maybe that could kinda be like the “credits” of the whole piece in a way, while still being a part of the story.

On Dark, Dark Nights is a children’s book I wrote earlier in the semester, and I feel like it would be a good, simple starting point for the story to branch off of.

It’d be really cool to compose my own little tunes for it. Not sure I’ll have the time, but I’m pretty adept at Musescore, so I could probably whip something and it wouldn’t take too long.

Well, until the perfectionism sets in and I’m up at 4 am editing a melody for panel 236.

Haaaaaaa. Can’t wAIT.

Regarding the drawings, I feel like whatever character is “You”/the main character would be whose eyes the reader sees through at the time. Hence the change in color schemes and such. I have an alright tablet at home so… hopefully for the plots closest to the central plot (Baby Owl’s storyline) I’ll be able to do simpler drawings. It’d be cool to get more complex the further from that storyline the reader goes, until you see the actual pictures taken for the “author” storyline (aka mine).


Sounds complex.

And a mess.

Welp, I’m nothing if not ambitious. Let’s see how it goes.

It’s a good thing I have the main plot done already, haaaaaaa.

(Apologies for not giving examples of what the art would look like… I’ll see if I can draw some stuff in the upcoming weeks.)



A Marriage Falling​ Apart

For my piece of elit writing, I am excited to create a fiction story about two marriages. One that is going to happen and one that is falling apart in the process of divorce. I thought of this idea because I love attending weddings, unfortunately, some of the weddings I have been to ended up in divorce. Through this piece, I want to show climax and downfall of a similar concept that is both good and bad.

  • Why this story is important

This story is important because marriage happens all the time. In fact, it is a huge deal in places all over the world. There are different types of marriages between couples. Statistics prove that most marriages end in divorce. So as people we wonder what is the point of marriage if most of them will end in divorce anyway? Even so, many people believe that marriage is a beautiful union and couples all over the world want to get married.

  • profiles of the main person or people in the story

There will be four main characters in my story a young man and woman between the age of 26-29.  A older female and male couple between the age of 48 and 52 respectively.

  • the event or situation

In one half of the story, readers will experience the joy of planning a wedding and also feeling the excitement of these young couples.

Conversely, in another half of the story readers will actively engage in the process of going through a divorce with the older characters.

  • any process or how something works

This will include surveys and selecting answers in the text. Each section will advance the reader further along in the process. Readers can select the type of flowers, venue style, theme color and anything else that goes into planning a wedding.  The older couple, on the other hand, will have to decide what they want to give up in the marriage. For each individual readers will select whether they want to give up the house, family pet, children, or investment.

  • pros and cons (N/A) 
  • the history of the event or situation

The younger couple has been dating for almost 4 years and they are in love. The guy proposes and she accepts. They both are panning this wedding to make it the best night of thier lives.

The older couple is going through this divorce because they fell out of love and they each are no longer interested by the other person. It was a mutual agreement between the two to go ahead and separate.

  • other related issues raised by the story

The purpose of this fictional story is to show the irony in marriage, while many young couples desire to get married and stay in love forever, an older couple who similarly felt the same way are both now experiencing the complete opposite.

What I imagine is that the part with the younger couple will have a white background the hyperlinks will have yellow colors. The part with the older couple will have. brown background with white hyperlinks. This is the story  I have been thinking about creating, and I would like to learn more about how to make it interactive in elit form.

Putting the Pieces Together…???

“Dada Dada Dada, a roaring of tense colors, and interlacing of opposites and of all contradictions, grotesques, inconsistencies: LIFE.” ~ Tristan Tzara

Uncovering the Story

The story I want to tell is one I’ve been assembling the pieces of for a while now. Ever since my first interactions with ELit, specifically with works by Jason Nelson, Juliet Davis, and Porpentine, I feel like there has been this story developing. Between then and now, that tale has existed in a kind of in medias res state, waiting to be fully realized.

In my latest post in my suffering saga on my thesis blog, I went into detail about the design of the kind of ELit work I would like to make. Mainly, I want readers to be able to explore the complexity, mutability, and often contradictory nature of self-representation and aesthetic presentation in this contemporary digital hellscape landscape we all call “home”. It’s a subject I’ve been fascinated by for many years now, even before my introduction to ELit. I want my work to allow viewers to explore these issues through a Neo-Dada-esque lens, as well, which is how I have been able to make and find new meaning to life (experience) and art (expression) myself. I think it’s an interesting approach that has only been tentatively explored thus far. (Here’s an interesting article exploring memes as a kind of Neo-Dadaism! This is a topic I have explored on my own blog as well if you’d like to check it out!)

Anyway, these ideas have culminated into a project I call the Degenerate’s Gallery. This title is inspired by both Degenerate Art and the Rogues Gallery.  Essentially, I want this work to showcase new forms of digital content creation, like memes, as pieces of a new kind of self-representation that is representative, really, of a kind of re-emergence of traditional Dada ideals like nihilism, absurdism, and self-abnegation. Digital artifacts like memes and tweets seem to be engaging in a kind of revival of these traditional Dada ideals and, more than that, seem to speak to a new kind of self-image/identification that is self-deprecating but also a celebration of deprecation and of rejection of self and of reality (if that makes sense).

I imagine this project would manifest as a kind of drag-and-drop interface. The main screen would consist of a silhouette of a person’s head and shoulders, whose face and visible body are covered in a collection of artifacts such as memes and tweets but also Dada manifestos and pictures of traditional art pieces such as Duchamp’s lovely “Fountain“, which challenged the art world when it was first unveiled. Users will have to “drag” these artifacts from the silhouette in order to uncover significance (in a kind of purposeful reverse of Juliet Davis’ Pieces of Herself).

*Some of the digital artifacts I might include*

Dragging an artifact to a new place on the screen will cause a bubble of information about the artifact to appear. As users drag artifacts across the screen, they will engage in a kind of neo-collage, creating their own patterns of information. Through dragging artifacts across the screen, users will also be engaging in a kind of self-uncovering/ recovery as removing images from the silhouette will reveal an image beneath, where the face should be. This image will be composed of many increasingly smaller silhouettes, reflecting in fractals ad infinitum. (Imagine a fair’s fun-house mirror attraction mixed with Yayoi Kusama’s “Infinity Mirror Room“)


Infinity Mirror Room

This underlying image is meant to be symbolic of the multiplicity of identity, especially in the digital age in which identity can be so easily manipulated and vary so vastly. The drag-and-drop interface along with the element of collage is meant to convey the mutability of self and of the self in art. Above all, I want users to understand that we are all of us works of art, degenerate, in-progress, slap-and-dash, or otherwise~

By the way, I finally dug out the charcoal and good ol’ sketch pad and drew my vision for my work:


Honestly, this work is everything I didn’t even know I wanted it to be. Before putting charcoal to textured paper, I did not even know how scary silhouettes in places of eyes could be >.> Also, I discovered that I did still want to incorporate a kind of visual connection to bricollage and ideas of brokenness (disconnectedness) vs. mosaic (creation from destruction, assemblage of a new whole) via the “cracks” creeping across the screen.

I worry the aesthetic of this work may be a little scary but I also feel like this kind of aesthetic is “on brand” for me and is, essentially, a signature. This style is what distinguishes my approach and my work from that of others. I really want to see if I can incorporate some of my own drawings into my project, kind of like Stevan Zivadinovic did for Hobo Lobo.

Also, I want to recolor this design, perhaps re-draw it on black charcoal paper with white charcoal. I created a recolor in Google Docs that illustrates the effect I am going for:


I want to draw this out for myself to see the effect IRL before I decide to rely on photo manipulation software.

To provide additional context to readers, I also chose to include a quote by notable Dada writer Tristan Tzara. The quote is provided at the start of this post. I believe it provides some framing in the same way that a poignant quote across the top of the screen provided framing and an additional layer of meaning to Illya Szilak’s Reconstructing Mayakovsky and Jason Nelson’s This is how you will die.

All in all, I think I have a fairly developed and “fleshed out” concept for my work. I think it’s a meaningful concept, as well, and one that is trans-formative and imaginative. I’m not sure how I would go about creating this work but, currently, I am in the process of experimenting with different programs. Hopefully, I will come across a program I can work with!

Please, let me know if you have any suggestions! And, please, let me know your thoughts! I’m quite curious about what others think of my proposed topic!


~Till next time~



#7 Spark: Reauthoring Rachmaninoff’s Symphonic Dance

While I was reading pieces like ” Hi Muck A Muck”, “Pieces of Herself”, and “Reconstructing Mayakovsky”, I had fun playing and constructing my own “classic”. If I am going to be an elit writer, I wish my readers to engage in my work. They are more like co-authors rather than receivers. We should all enjoy the collaboration of interpreting and constructing a brand new piece. So I am considering reconstructing existed literature and artwork to fulfill my elit project.

I was studying hermeneutics, which is a study of interpretation. I respect all different understandings based on different grounds, lives, or experiences, whereas, a person’s understanding of both literature and art is distinguished and reaches out different stages. That means a person could not get to a higher level individually unless he or she accesses to others’ perspectives, a high-level thought or instructional techniques,  which are able to force he or her to understand in depth. Therefore, my goal is to bring up necessary elements and art pieces together, construct a framework based on my own understanding, and invite my readers to sew those pieces and accumulate their intelligence. I am looking forward to collect different masterpieces from my readers and exhibit them in my blogs.

My elit theme is “Reauthoring Rachmaninoff-Symphonic-Dances“. Sergi Rachmaninoff was a Russian symphonic composer.Sergei_Rachmaninoff_cph.3a40575 Readers probably did not hear about him and his music, but in my elite, it is a good begining that they approach a musician without any preparation, because they would gradually realize how close they are to Rachmaninoff and Symphonic Dances by exploring my elit.

My elementary idea is that readers are going to follow the melody, clicking their expected literature, paintings, graffiti, or photography, or adding pitches or music pieces into the symphony, and create their own “imagery”. This idea comes from my fine art class. Prof. McLaughlin requested us to draw anything jumping out our mind while we were listening to Pop, Jazz, Blue, or orchestra music. I was doing intensive drawings and I felt I could control melody at my fingertips. I had never ever expressed out so many feelings and visualized them on my papers. That was an amazing experience.

Here are my drawings

Reading elit is a discovery. What I mean by saying ” not receivers” in my opening paragraph is that readers are going to discover themselves. They are not just sitting right there and being given literature and art, rather, they are feeling new. I hope I hear words like ” I didn’t think I would love art but I do now” or ” I found I can be that talented and creative in art”. I hope they feel the same as I did and feel free to express themselves and discover their own potentials. Therefore, it does not matter if readers have a little knowledge of my elit objects, I am going to give enough instructions as well as space for them to join my “party”.

I am still planning my elit and I am not sure about elements I am going to use. Here is a map showing a rough storyboarding and element options:

"Reauthoring RSD"

Selecting elements is complex. I drew different shapes on behalf of element styles, which means I would provide disparate art and literature work, but you may find them unexpectedly harmonious.


Enjoy Original Symphonic Dances Op.45


Helpful Resources


Rough Storyboard for Orc Valley Game Handbook

This is a rough draft of the storyboard for my elit piece, “Orc Valley Game Handbook”. “Orc Valley Game Handbook” is the handbook for the game “Orc Valley” (it is not a real game, I just made it up), in which the player controls the character and experience all events in the character’s life. The content can be broken down into: Nonlinear parts — homepage (information about the game), hyperlinks leading to poems relevant to the character’s experience. Still photos — they can be works of professional photographers or works of myself. Graphics — hand-drawn maps of Orc Valley. Audios — BGM mainly.

The background color of the webpage may change according to the scene.