This website is the official class site for Dr. Mia Zamora’s Fall 2018 Writing Electronic Literature course at Kean University.  This is a cross-listed undergraduate (ENG 4081) & graduate (ENG 5081) course in the School of English Studies.

Throughout the course of the semester students will receive an overview of established and emerging forms of Electronic Literature including hypertext fiction, network fiction, interactive works, and digital poetry.  Students will read and analyze a variety of emerging genres of Electronic Literature.  They will also compose their own digital fiction, play with new applications, and collaborate to produce public knowledge .  At the close of the semester, they will curate an Electronic Literature exhibit which will be featured in the Kean University Library.

This site will serve as our official e-locale for sharing our on-going work and connecting with other scholars and co-learners outside our formal classroom .  Welcome to Writing Electronic Literature.

The official class site for Dr. Mia Zamora's Fall 2018 Electronic Literature course.