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#9 Elit Reading&Spark: Cruising & My New Ideas

As a reader, I enjoy the piece Cruising. It doesn’t like a game that could negative and surprise me well. But It provides a disparate integration between readers and the author: DRIVE YOU TEXTS.


When I opened it, I heard a soft voice telling a story – a teenage girl speaking her “favorite pastime in small-town Wisconsin, racing up and down the main drag of Main Street looking to make connections, wanting love”.


There is only a scene on the piece: the girl is looking outside the window and making her lip color. A flash line flies below, the same word and the images repeat.

The author gave a few materials but there are more to explore. When I move my mouse to the flash line, it became slower or faster sometimes. When I move to the right, the images and texts became larger. But what interesting is I cannot really stop it and read the poem. But the pace of the flash, the music, and audio, the black and white picture, give me a sensation of the girl’s memory and…

My memory.

Something important can dominate, while something less important can be forgotten. But all big and small pieces make up my memory. One day I may recall them. I may find the less important things become important. I may miss great things. I may retaste what I went through. That’s what the poem gives me: a physical sensation and spiritual imagination.

The piece let me think of the form of poetry. It is unique because it should be stanzas and no paragraphs. However, when I enlarge those texts, I find they are complete sentences. They are not “poetic poem” but we still can read them as a poem. The flash line fluids to us word by word, line by line. The texts are broken and my perception becomes different. It is our readers who can decide how to read those lines.

You can say it tricky or creative. But the power of literature is to change the ways to read and give different understandings based on the same texts. That is what an elit is doing. It is exciting that we would have 10 different feelings after 10 times of similar reading. In other words, elit is disgusting the potential of traditional literature.

It inspires me! I am collecting my elit components. When I listen to Rachmaninoff again and again, I create different feelings. I hope my readers do not be restricted to the same framework although the music has a certain theme. Now my texts include Shakespeares’ poems and dramas, Wilde’s poems, and some space that readers can write their owns. The biggest progress is I discover a charm of opera and I want to use some in my piece. Opera is choir literature and many of them are quite fun.

Here is a list of what I want to use:

La ci darem la mano -Wolfgang A. Mozart

Soave il vento – Mozart

Pace e gioja- Gioachino Rossini

Duetto buffo di due gatti- Rossini

Quando m’en vo – Rossini