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Twelve Blue and Reading Elit

So here we are, finally getting a chance to jump into the meat and potatoes of the content we will be studying this semester, and it feels so good to be back at it.  First, I am going to briefly go over the Pressman article on Electronic Literature.  Coming into this class, I was excited to learn more about this since being in #netnarr last semester.  The article by Pressman gives a good general and broad overview of this kind of literature and almost acts as a guide or map to assist the reader in their pursuit of reading it.  First, we get introduced to hypertext, and how it bounces you around the story in a nonlinear fashion.  “How one navigates a hypertext determines what one reads and in which order.”  This statement from the article encapsulates what I imagine electronic literature to be; literature reimagined.  I personally do not know how I feel about a structure that could permeate different timelines and subsequent story lines in such a way that could possibly hinder classroom discussions.  I’m sure as we continue on our elit journey, I will garner an appreciation for such a thing, but as for right now, I am definitely a tad bit skeptical as far as reading with hyperlinks go.

Moving on in the article, the author began discussing something that I definitely need some help to understand.  When Pressman begins to explain “stir fry texts” I am honestly kind of lost.  I do not necessarily understand how this differs from the hypertext that was being discussed earlier in the article.  I understand how it has to do with hovering the mouse over the text which brings up more text and parts for the reader, I just have a disconnect as far as understanding how and why this is the case.  What is the purpose?  Is it effective?  These are all questions I have and hope our class can clarify a few of these things for me.

Using these new found principals as a guiding light, I jumped into the hypertext “Twelve Blue” by Michael Joyce.  I wish I had more to say or add than “What did I just read?”  I say that to mean the content and the story from what I read is not bad at all.  Rather, the manner in which we are reading it is foreign enough to me that it really does change the whole experience of it.  Even just the optics, this blue on blue thing they got going on is difficult for me to sit there and read through to say the least.  I know that these things will (hopefully) become clearer as time goes on and we get more time to play around with it in this course, but my first impression is definitely one of intimidation and fear of change.  See you all tonight!