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#7 Spark: Reauthoring Rachmaninoff’s Symphonic Dance

While I was reading pieces like ” Hi Muck A Muck”, “Pieces of Herself”, and “Reconstructing Mayakovsky”, I had fun playing and constructing my own “classic”. If I am going to be an elit writer, I wish my readers to engage in my work. They are more like co-authors rather than receivers. We should all enjoy the collaboration of interpreting and constructing a brand new piece. So I am considering reconstructing existed literature and artwork to fulfill my elit project.

I was studying hermeneutics, which is a study of interpretation. I respect all different understandings based on different grounds, lives, or experiences, whereas, a person’s understanding of both literature and art is distinguished and reaches out different stages. That means a person could not get to a higher level individually unless he or she accesses to others’ perspectives, a high-level thought or instructional techniques,  which are able to force he or her to understand in depth. Therefore, my goal is to bring up necessary elements and art pieces together, construct a framework based on my own understanding, and invite my readers to sew those pieces and accumulate their intelligence. I am looking forward to collect different masterpieces from my readers and exhibit them in my blogs.

My elit theme is “Reauthoring Rachmaninoff-Symphonic-Dances“. Sergi Rachmaninoff was a Russian symphonic composer.Sergei_Rachmaninoff_cph.3a40575 Readers probably did not hear about him and his music, but in my elite, it is a good begining that they approach a musician without any preparation, because they would gradually realize how close they are to Rachmaninoff and Symphonic Dances by exploring my elit.

My elementary idea is that readers are going to follow the melody, clicking their expected literature, paintings, graffiti, or photography, or adding pitches or music pieces into the symphony, and create their own “imagery”. This idea comes from my fine art class. Prof. McLaughlin requested us to draw anything jumping out our mind while we were listening to Pop, Jazz, Blue, or orchestra music. I was doing intensive drawings and I felt I could control melody at my fingertips. I had never ever expressed out so many feelings and visualized them on my papers. That was an amazing experience.

Here are my drawings

Reading elit is a discovery. What I mean by saying ” not receivers” in my opening paragraph is that readers are going to discover themselves. They are not just sitting right there and being given literature and art, rather, they are feeling new. I hope I hear words like ” I didn’t think I would love art but I do now” or ” I found I can be that talented and creative in art”. I hope they feel the same as I did and feel free to express themselves and discover their own potentials. Therefore, it does not matter if readers have a little knowledge of my elit objects, I am going to give enough instructions as well as space for them to join my “party”.

I am still planning my elit and I am not sure about elements I am going to use. Here is a map showing a rough storyboarding and element options:

"Reauthoring RSD"

Selecting elements is complex. I drew different shapes on behalf of element styles, which means I would provide disparate art and literature work, but you may find them unexpectedly harmonious.


Enjoy Original Symphonic Dances Op.45


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