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I Am a Test Bot, and I am Generative Electronic Literature

Author’s Description: I Am a Test Bot is an original Twitter bot created in the spirit of accessibility, innovation upon pre-existing electronic tools, and in an attempt to discern exactly what constitutes electronic literature, and the genre of generative literature specifically with a dash of humor. This bot conjures Tweets intermittently on an evolving hourly … Continue reading I Am a Test Bot, and I am Generative Electronic Literature

Inanimate Alice Kicked Me Into High Gear

Between the title of the story, the referenced previous Russian residence of the character, and the peer pressure and looming death that the piece begins with, it’s only fair that the song that accompanies this blog post about Inanimate Alice is none other than “Luka” by Suzanne Vega, which has been lingering in the back … Continue reading Inanimate Alice Kicked Me Into High Gear

Pieces of Herself Almost Tore Me Apart

Honestly, I’m surprised that I’m not more upset, introspective, or indignant than usual after exploring and having quite the experience with Pieces of Herself, which tickled and stoked the feminist residing within me. Most of the time, I’ll keep my personal and political views to myself unless I’m provoked, but what is e-lit for if … Continue reading Pieces of Herself Almost Tore Me Apart