Hobo Lobo Hamelin, & the next few weeks…

images-1Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  We are coming into the homestretch now, and the pace of your coursework will certainly pick up.  Remember to remain calm and work steadily, knowing that this too shall pass ;).

Thank you Katherine for selecting a whimsical and yet profound piece for us to explore and reflect upon together.  The timing seemed perfect, and as I said in class, there something in the happenstance of your selection that is a kind of wisdom.

This whimsy yet onerous pop-up comic is more than frivolous fairy-tale, but a kind of dark satire into the perils of fascism (it also works as a searing critique of current politics, social issues, and mediascape).  The comic strip narrative in prose and verse reinvents the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin.  HoboLoboIn a richly illustrated world a wolf character called “Hobo Lobo” agrees to eliminate the rat population which has served as the corrupt mayor’s political scapegoat (a useful distraction from his own will to power and greed).  Along the way the “fourth estate” is exposed as a major player in the resulting evil.  Meanwhile, the lobo who is a hobo, represents a kind of deeply flawed ethical ambivalence in the midst of a corrupt world.  We all spoke about the political dimensions of the work, and Katherine also shared insight into the innovative technical aspect is that uses layers to produce a three dimensional parallax effect.  Many of us expressed gratitude that Katherine chose this text to be included in our overall reading roster.


Progress on the collaborative project:

We are getting closer to the completion of our collaborative article about Thermophilies in Love.  Remember that a few of you need to include your own reflection in the work as it stands, and some need to edit or drop an effective title in for your section of the work.  **Your contribution MUST BE COMPLETED by next class on 11/29 so that the final edit can be completed and the work can be submitted ELMCIP for review.

For next class on 11/28:

Ally will present on Separation by Annie Abrahams & Megan will present on Sooth by David Jhave Johnston.  Please read and blog about these pieces before class.

Also, please remember that the final deadline for your individual elit piece is December 6th.

We will have a final class party (potluck with informal presentation) on 12/13.watch film King Arthur: Legend of the Sword now

See you soon,

Dr. Zamora


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