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UnknownOur discussion of Pieces of Herself by Juliet Davis was rich and insightful.  Thank you to Nadia for her excellent walkthrough – I really enjoyed our thoughtful conversation about the work.  This interactive digital art piece makes use of much less text than we have seen in the previous e-lit pieces we have explored together.  Instead, this work makes great use of a drag and drop interface – viewers can scroll through familiar environments (i.e. bathroom, living room, outside, the office) to collect metaphorical “pieces” of the self and arrange them in compositions inside the body by dropping them down in a dress-up doll.   The reader/navigator can customize their exploration of the work by filling in the dress-up doll (or woman’s silhouette).  As each “piece” is dragged into the paper doll silhouette, it triggers animations along with audio clips from interviews with women, music loops, and sound effects, resulting in a layered narrative effect.  

We discussed the meaning behind the that the fact that one cannot remove any of these animations/effects once they are dropped down in the silhouette.  This amplifies the underlying theme that ideologies leave lasting marks, imprinting a woman permanently.  Davis’ work emphasizes the irrevocable layering of all the experiences that shape and mark a young woman, highlighting the social inscription of the feminized body.


***Please remember that you should drop your storyboard and/or concept for your individual elit piece in this document.  There are some fantastic examples of work thus far included there.  I am really inspired and excited to see this unfolding work from all of you.   Not everyone has dropped their material down in there yet, so make a point to do that before next class.

For next class:  

Kelli will present on “This is how you will Die!” By Jason Nelson…just in time for Halloween ;).  Please post your reflection blog on this piece before class.  

In part two of class, you will all discuss and determine your plans for the final group project.  Please come to class with some ideas – what collaboration project might be both exciting and meaningful as a conclusion to our e-lit journey together?  We will be sure to set up a timeline for the project before the close of class.

Finally, I will be announcing a new mini-project for all of you to explore in the next two weeks.  It is a #netprov called Thermophiles in Love.  We will discuss how we will participate when we are in class together soon.

images  Happy Halloween!


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