Our First class meeting 9/6

UnknownGreat opening class. I enjoyed reconnecting with some of you, and meeting the rest of you for the first time.  Soon each of you should have a working twitter account. You should be ready to start tweeting weekly with our class hashtag #elitclass (and use #elit too) .

A review of what we did:

-We talked through the course website and syllabus.

-We introduced ourselves.

-We covered a basic definition of Electronic Literature:

E-Lit a literary genre consisting of works of literature that originate within digital environments and require digital computation to be read.  In contrast to most e-books, electronic literature is created specifically to be used via a digital setting and thus cannot be printed as key elements of the text require computation: for instance there may be links, generative aspects, multimedia content, animation or reader interaction in addition to the verbal text.

To do for next week:

-Please email me your class blog URL & your class twitter account.

-Read Pressman’s “Navigating Electronic Literature”.  This essay is located in “About Electronic Literature:  New Horizons for the Literary”.

-Read Twelve Blue by Michael Joyce for about an hour.  This elit piece is located in the Electronic Literature Collection Volume 1.

-Surf the Electronic Literature Collections (Vols 1, 2, 3) – check out a few pieces from each volume.  I would recommend spending time in Vol. 3 since it is brand new!  Start to think about what text you might want to choose for your review presentation.  We will settle the schedule next week, so consider what date you would like to present on.  As you look through the Electronic Literature Collection this week – notice the expectations & strategies you bring to the texts. What do you like & why? What frustrates you and why?  Be open to new experiences – because they are there – just waiting.

I have a good feeling about this semester with all of you, and your thoughtful “exit passes” were very helpful to me in thinking about our class next week.

Looking forward to it,

Dr. Zamora

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