Plans for “Thermophiles in Love”….

I really enjoyed class last night.  Another insightful discussion thanks to Kelli, this time about Jason Nelson’s “This is How You Will Die” – right in time for both Halloween & the Day of the Dead ;).  Kelli’s thisishowyouwilldiewalkthrough took us through the central provocation of Nelson’s clever work, highlighting that death (like life) is simply a matter of chance, much like a random gamble or the spin of the slot machine.  Your own demise (from the cause of your death to what happens to your body) is narrated in the slot machine interface.  The piece is in essence a generative poem with many possible combinatorial outcomes.  The overall effect is both eerie/harrowing and absurdist/funny …in the dark sense of humor.  Kelli pointed out the nihilistic tone (i.e. the meaninglessness of life & death – as a simple as spin on the rouhlette wheel).  She also outlined the artistic influence of dadaism (the early 20th century embrace of chaotic nonsense and the absurd), suggesting Nelson’s piece could be characterized as neo-dadaist.  And we also spoke of the particular affordances of the second person stance – “this is how YOU will die”.  The power of the piece in many ways lies in that simple rhetorical decision/stance.


We then turned our attention to discussing your group project and the new #NetProv (networked improvisational narrative) called Thermophiles in Love.  

You decided to blend your group project ideas with your #Netprov participation as your #Elitclass final public group project.  This “role-playing-game turned elit-theater” will serve as the heart of your final class collaboration.  therefore you must all register for the game ASAP, play this game for about 30 minutes each day this week though Sunday, and blog your reflection on the experience for next week.  The final collaboration will be scholarly paper (a curated edited version of your reflective #netprov blogs) co-written by all of us, and submitted to the ELMCIP editorial team for publication.  In short, we will co-write and co-publish a reflective paper on our #netprov experience for the ELMCIP directory.  And because we have decided to “front-end” this project which mostly takes place this week, the deadline for your individual e-lit piece has been pushed back towards the close of the semester.

For next week (no face-to-face class but work due):

Register for Thermophiles in Love ASAP, and play each day this week according to this suggested schedule.

-Make sure to play each day for approximately 30 minutes per day so you can accumulate experience(s) and interactions with other thermophiles.

-After this week of periodic game play through Sunday 11/6, post a reflective blog on your #netprov experience.  Your Thermophiles in Love blog is due on November 8th.  In your blog, please highlight moments that were fun, or surprising, or disorienting, etc.  Also, please write about what you think you might have learned.  ***In what ways did the Thermophiles in Love forums highlight new forms of play and collaboration?  ***Did the game trigger new ideas about the way people interact, connect, or respond to each other in social media spaces?   ***What have you learned here about collaborative writing/imagining?  ***Did you develop any new digital literacies by interacting in this imaginary space?

For the next time we meet in person on November 15th (remember, we are not meeting in person on 11/8 Election Day):

Dave will present on The First Draft of the Revolution By Emily Short and Liza Daly.  Please read this piece and blog your reflection on it by 11/15.

Also, I will be reading your #netprov blogs next week, and I will start to curate your ideas and thoughts into a collaborative paper.  You will have editorial access to this draft in a few weeks.

I will see you again on 11/15!

Enjoy the #netprov guys….(I’ll be in there too!!)

Dr. Zamora


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