The beginning of our electronic literature journey together

It is good to be back!  Although I had a wonderful sabbatical year at the University of Bergen in Norway in 2017-2018, it is certainly a great feeling to “come home” and be working with all of you again.

This week, I enjoyed “kick starting” our semester-long discussion of electronic literature by sharing an overview of some of the most recognizable genres of electronic literature.  This understanding of the general  #elit “categories” will serve as a foundational vocabulary for our overall exploration of electronic literature throughout the semester.  In addition, I am very pleased to have several new students join our course since the first week. This leads me to reconsider our designated space (currently class is in CAS 426). I will request a new room on campus (with a better screen capacity that might enhance our collective navigation/reading of digital texts).   More information to come on that front when I see you next week.

A review of some of the things we have accomplished so far:

-We have introduced ourselves.

-We have talked/walked through the course website and syllabus.

-I have presented an overview of where to find our primary readings: the Electronic Literature Collections (Volumes 1, 2, & 3).

-We have looked at our Course Calendar together.  And we have discussed the electronic literature review assignment that each of you will share as a presentation in class during the semester.

-I have introduced you to the basic genres of electronic literature.

To do for next Monday when we meet again:

-If you have not done so already, please email me your class blog URL & your class twitter account. You should be ready to start tweeting each week with our class hashtag #elitclass (and feel free to use the hashtag #elit as well) .

-Read Pressman’s “Navigating Electronic Literature”.  This essay is located in “About Electronic Literature:  New Horizons for the Literary”.

-Read Twelve Blue by Michael Joyce for 1 hour.

-First Blog post due.  Please write a reflection about your Twelve Blue reading experience in relation to Pressman’s article about reading elit.

-Surf the Electronic Literature Collections (Vols 1, 2, and 3)!  Just peak around and open up different texts to discover what awaits you there.  Start to search for a few texts you might want to choose for your review presentation.  We will settle the schedule next week for your review presentations next week, so consider what date you would like to present on (and make a mental “short list” of your top choices to work with).

As you look through the Electronic Literature volumes this week, please notice the expectations & strategies you bring to the texts.

What do you like & why? What frustrates you and why?  Remember to be open to new experiences, because they are there, …just waiting.

Looking forward to seeing you all next week,

Dr. Zamora

One thought on “The beginning of our electronic literature journey together”

  1. Hi Dr. Zamora.

    I found your post today as I was reviewing recent #netnarr posts on Twitter. As I look at your outline for this class I am reinforced in my efforts to find a professor such as yourself who uses the library of ideas that I host on for this type of in-depth learning.

    This is a vision I’ve shared via the #clmooc network since first connecting with them in 2013.

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