Our first #elitclass meeting

So nice to meet you on Monday morning!  I enjoyed meeting you all for the first time, and getting to know just a little bit about each of you.  I enjoyed my first official teaching day at UiB, and I can tell already that you will be a great group to work with this semester.  Please remember that I will be in Oslo from Wed-Fri this week for my Fulbright Award orientation program, so we will not meet this Wednesday (Aug. 23).

A review of what we did together on Monday:

-We introduced ourselves. (Thanks for playing along.)

-We talked/walked through the course website and syllabus.

To do for next Monday when we meet again:

-Please email me your class blog URL & your class twitter account. You should be ready to start tweeting each week with our class hashtag #elitclass (and feel free to use the hashtag #elit as well) .

-Read Pressman’s “Navigating Electronic Literature”.  This essay is located in “About Electronic Literature:  New Horizons for the Literary”.

-Surf the Electronic Literature Collections (Vols 1, 2, and 3)!  Please spend approximately one hour checking out each of the three volumes.  Just peak around and open up different texts to discover what awaits you there.  Start to search for a few texts you might want to choose for your review presentation.  We will settle the schedule next week for your review presentations next week, so consider what date you would like to present on (and make a mental “short list” of your top choices to work with).

As you look through the Electronic Literature volumes this week, please notice the expectations & strategies you bring to the texts. What do you like & why? What frustrates you and why?  Remember to be open to new experiences, because they are there, …just waiting.

Looking forward to next Monday.

Have a great rest of this week,

Dr. Zamora