Welcome to #elitclass!

Welcome to “Writing Electronic Literature”.  Soon we will meet each other for the first time as a class, and an embark on a journey that will be transformative for all of us.  Some of you might have an idea of what Electronic Literature might be, while others are really not clear.  Some of you might feel relatively self confident in a technological environment, while others might feel more than a bit of trepidation.  Whether you fall into one of these categories or the other, I guarantee you will learn a great deal in this class.  You will learn many practical things, like how to work with new technologies that you have never been introduced to before.  But more importantly, you will all learn more about yourselves.  You are invited to jump into a new realm and explore and discover.  And you will have ample chance in this class to exercise both your analytical skills, and your imagination.

I look forward to speaking with all of you soon, as we discuss what this course can mean to all of us.  We will begin by collectively considering what literature is, and what new media and the digital realm might offer to expand our understanding of what literature can be.  Throughout our class together, this website will be our “homebase”, and soon each of you will have your own linked blogs which will be syndicated here on this site under “student blogs”.  This e-location for our work together will house our collective reflections, our resources, and our continuing conversation throughout the semester.

Here are a few videos to get that conversation started:

“How to Read A Digital Text”



“E-Literature Explained”

First and Foremost

This blog is more of a means to vent and express my thoughts about depression and the struggle inside my head. My story goes back to middle school. I suddenly had the idea of writing to solidify past events reflect on life lessons. In making this blog, I thought of reaching out to the many people who may be going through something similar. It is imperative to know that you are not alone and that there ARE people out there who are willing to help. Unfortunately, I didn’t always have the luxury of talking with someone about what I’ve went through, but I want to make this a place where people can come to express themselves and seek guidance on this journey of escaping this oppression that is depression.