From comics to generative remix….

Another pair of excellent presentations in Electronic Literature class!


Thank you to Susan for walking us through Bigelow’s Brainstrips – a digital story-world laced with both parody & whimsy & a highly-concentrated, intricately-designed webcomic.

Susan’s “Strip Your Brain” writing reflection on Brainstrips is very insightful and thorough.  Please take a closer look at her smart blog post (if you haven’t read it already) in order to get a full sense of the complexity of Bigelow’s piece.  The connection she made to the sensibility of the Ig Nobel Prize is spot on!  Many of you shared quirky and thoughtful comments about the piece on twitter (in perfect keeping with the piece itself).

I am glad to see our #elitclass “backchannel” alive and well:

Taroko Gorge and the Remixes

After break we took a closer look at the well known generative poem created by Nick Monfort entitled Taroko Gorge.  Thank you Vee for guiding us through a thoughtful conversation about machine-made, human-coded, reconfiguration-as-poetry.  With a poetic lexia inspired by the meditative contemplation of nature, Taroko Gorge highlights the power and potential of recombinatorial computation.   Our discussion lead to a consideration of remix-as-art-production, as we looked more closely at poetic composition in the face of the algorithm.  Jr Carpenter’s remix entitled  Along the Briny Beach figured front and center in our understanding as remix as a work of art (in and of itself).  The horizontally scrolling texts quote authors who are writing about coastlines to evoke a condition of being in between places.  Like the ocean tides that come in and out while erasing and effacing the flotsam of natural flow, her poetic remediation of the original source code focuses on movement and visuality for a new reading experience.  Our reflections here lead to further thought about the changing role of authorship (in conjunction with the machine).

Jumpstarting your own #elit composition

We ended class with the beginning of a new part of the electronic literature journey: thinking about composing your own digital narrative.  We took a bit of time to brainstorm and develop initial ideas for the story you want to tell!  Please take a look at our shared brainstorm/draft document and add any new ideas if they have come to mind since class.  We will pick up on this work in our next class.

For next week:

1. Please read Facade.  Priscilla will present a walkthrough and lead our discussion on this IF (an interactive animated fiction that can accept any type of language produced by the user and assimilate it into the outcome of the narrative.).

2. Please read Pieces of Herself.  Nikki will present a walkthrough of this exploration of feminine embodiment and identity in relationship to public and private space.

3.  Please write your fifth #elitclass blog post:  you can write on one of the above two selections or both texts if you feel inspired.  And another reminder to tweet your blog post using the #elitclass hashtag.  Check out your classmates blogs as well.

Keep up the chatter on our #elitclass backchannel conversation regarding electronic literature.  I happy to see more of you joining in the tweeting during our class discussion and after class hours as well.

Hope you all have a relaxing autumn weekend.  See you next week!

Dr. Zamora