#WIM Summer ’21 | Week 0: Prompt

We’re back, baby.

And by we I mean me and my fractured, pandemic-addled psyche. That’s right, friends, we’re neck deep in identity crises and financial irresponsibility.

What a perfect time for spooky angst vibes, then. 

Pause. If you’re new here: Hi, I’m Christina Masucci. 26 y.o. she/her. Libra. I like to write stuff, but rarely do. Consuming content >>> Creating content, know what I mean? I’m still figuring out my genre(s) and style(s) of choice, but I tend to lean towards modern fantasy/supernatural with thinly veiled contemplative reflections of gender, sexuality, and human nature. Anyway, my twitter is @chrismasucci, which I need to start being more active on instead of just rising from the grave for Writer In Motion.


Without further ado, Writer In Motion Summer 2021’s picture prompt:

Courtesy of Jaroslav Devia.


I almost don’t want to say anything because I don’t want to spoil the idea I have. I’ll explain at the end of this week, I promise.

I’ll just say… my first attempt at sci-fi, flowers, and I’m excited to be working backwards. 

Those who read my piece from last WIM… this is for u. [eyes emoji] if u know u know

See you next week >;3c