☆Lucky to see you here ;-)

My name is Xinyu Cai, and you can just call me Sheena!!

I come from Hunan, China. And I live in Changsha, which is famous for its spicy cuisine and many tourist attractions. Speaking of it, I have to say that what I miss most is the food in my hometown. I have a typical Chinese stomach. I’m new here and I’m not used to American food. So I usually cook and eat by myself, steamed dumplings, boiled rice, fried egg, with chili oil, really very fragrant, hometown food can cure my day.

I have many hobbies, I like dancing, watching movies, taking pictures, and traveling. I have been to many Chinese cities, and I have left precious memories in every place. I believe that the meaning of photos is to make memories into film, like a time capsule, and whenever we see that photo again, the memories emerge. will take us back to the past.

I used to have a very depressing period. I was faced with a cramped and cramped room every day, thinking about my thoughts made me very depressed, so I decided to go out for a walk, see the outside world, and immediately booked a trip to Hangzhou train ticket. Maybe in the sunset of the West Lake, maybe in the lively party, maybe in the old street, I suddenly feel relieved, there are not so many things in this world worth spending time worrying about, living in the moment, Making yourself happy is the priority.

When I was in middle school and high school, I liked to read. Even in class, even if I didn’t sleep, I would secretly read books. But when I went to college, maybe the Internet was so exciting. I was used to surfing the Internet with my mobile phone every day, and gradually I lost the hobby of reading. I still like reading very much, but I can’t find the pure emotion of reading as before.

I think this class can combine my love of surfing the internet with reading and bring back the joy I lost.