About me…

Hey! I’m Edna V. Orozco Campo, a grad student, and writer, I’m trying to be a bartender, and a younger sister. I love watching the Simpson, classic music, Shakira, Becquer, Goethe, Pizarnik, Storni, Caicedo, Dickison, Plath and, of course, García Marquez.

When people ask about me, I don’t know what I am supposed to say, maybe I s start talking about the importance to forgive and how writing is good therapy. At some point in my life, I dream about the Hero and how they allow inclusion. Now, I have daydreams about the memoirs and the power they have in us.

I’m 23 years old and my goal is when I’m 30 to be a Ph.D., I know I can with this. Also, I want to be a publisher, editor, professor, and person who I dream of when I was 10.

ALso, I’m from Colombia, so we can talk in Spanish wherever you want.