Reactions to ‘Twelve Blue’ By Michael Joyce

What am I reading?! I like it but I don’t. So this is my first time experiencing hypertext fiction and I am slightly confused. There is no flow or connection to the last thing I read. In one part, in the beginning, I read about a slay ride where the main character’s breasts were being fondled. Then in the next part, I read about the character going over the Falls, sexually and literally.

The last line was “how old were you when your father died?” But now, the main character is on a river bank talking about a deaf boy drowning. Honestly, I’m kind of lost. But I’ve only been at this for ten minutes, so let’s see where this goes…

I just read this part (see below) and when I highlighted it to copy and paste it here, “Why do you want more?” appeared. Now it has me questioning if I missed more parts like that or not. Also, this part was confusing. It seems to be a thought process after you try to call someone and they don’t answer, but at the same time, it strikes me as a mental list.

I had the strangest feeling, like someone was watching me.

It was like we shared one voice.

I called you but you weren’t home.

My mother used to know someone with the same name.

My body seems to live its own life without me.

I used to have something the same color blue.

Why do we think the story is a mystery at heart?

Why do we think the heart a mystery?

Who shares one voice?

*Why do you want more?

Why do we live? Why do we have to die?

I forgot to turn the calendar after Halloween.

The word “blue” is mentioned a lot throughout the links/pages/site and I don’t mind it because of how it is mentioned. It is often used to describe the color of the clothing but there have been a couple that I’ve seen that described the color of different objects.

I’m also starting to see some connectivity throughout where it’ll be where the last page left off, the next page starts with a similar thought process. I’m liking this more now than when I started, and it is keeping my attention.

I’m writing this blog post as I’m reading and before I added the last two paragraphs before this one I said after this I will write more. But then I ended up clicking two more links instead.

One hour later and I really liked this. In the end, I read about Dolores Peters and her father who bought a fair ride for $900 and Dolores’ friends loved it until they got bored of it and older.

Before that, I read about Samantha and another girl and their stories were confusing to me since they seemed like they were interwoven. And then there was someone whose boyfriend was deaf and drowned and I think they had a kid. Honestly, everything before Dolores was confusing.

I would continue reading this, and I want to explore more of the strings. After a quick click-through of the numbers 1-8, I noticed that the number 4, I saw before but when I saw it, “Alkali. Kali. Queen.” were all there and when I clicked the number 4 only “Alkali.” was there. I’m impressed by this. And I will look into it more.