Blog Post One: Twelve Blue

Well to start off, I don’t have many thoughts. And when I try to think of one, I still can’t. In all honesty, I just read a whole bunch of things but I am not sure what I read? I first started off my work with reading Jessica Pressman article on Navigating Electronic Literature. Basically, in short terms she discusses how navigating through this style of literature is really just reading until you get to a link, like a hyperlink and clicking on that to access more literature; and so forth. Well that’s exactly what Twelve Blue was. I started off by clicking one, which opened me to a whole new world of different text stories that contained links in the middle or end of the passages. Those links, led to more passages to read.

Like I mentioned previously, I really don’t know what the heck I read. As I navigated through each passage it was like whole complete new thought and story. I guess all these stories make up one whole big Twelve Blue Story? I’m assuming. Well some of them made sense. Like the doctor passage. Little weird, but it made sense. But there were other stories were there were no names mentioned but the text would mention a “her.” But that “her” was never expressed who or the name. Then briefly in one of the passages twelve blue was referred to as twelve oceans I think. So I am assuming the entire purpose of the stories is centered around the oceans? Or bodies of water? But I might also be getting off complete topic here and missing the whole purpose of the passages. There were also two mentions of rides. Starting to think that was a metaphor or a subliminal message of some sort. Because what the heck was up with the rides and people riding them. And why did we as readers need to know that? All very strange.

In conclusion, I really don’t know what I just read. All I can really say is that I read a whole bunch of little stories that made no sense as they seemed to be cut offs from a more detailed story. Or maybe those were the cliff notes of the summarized version of a bigger text that also made no sense. In better words, nothing made sense. I read, but I don’t know what I read. Kind of felt like I was dreaming all these stories? Because that’s kind of how dreams feel or at least for me.