A Race to Finish

Hello All !

Super excited to be starting my 2nd to last semester of this Master’s Program. Also very anxious as usual during the fall semester. So many new things to talk in and unlike the spring semester where we have a few weeks off to recharge and jump back in, the fall semester we come in from having months off and doing other things in our lives. Keeping ourselves busy, and now we add on some new things with this start.

Although I do have some anxious feelings I am also very relaxed at the start of the semester because it is a feeling of being refreshed and bringing a new energy into new surrounding, or some already familiar knowing my classmates and some professors as well. This gives us a new way or perspective to come into this semester and make the absolute most out of it.

I have personally been thinking of this Master Thesis since the start of Grad school, as I have heard the stories of many who have graduated before me, and how it totally consumed them, but I just noticed the positive of how they all made it happen. Now that I am thrown into the mix I am feeling a bit pressured, but nothing more than I can handle.

The fall brings forth such a crisp refreshing air that trickles into my life slowly but surely, and my whole presence becomes calmed in a way daily. This is the perfect time for e to be starting such a big moment in my this part of my life as well, almost makes it a significant point to be aware of.

I am going into this thesis process with an open mind and an open spirit to truly allow my creative and logical juices to flow and produce an awesome thesis. I also want my thesis to be something I use for the next few years of my life if possible, or something that can help in the long term. The research and time I plan to put into this thesis and knowing what is expected makes me want to be able to use this as a stepping stone for something coming in my future.