All Roads Lead To Thesis

It is clear, I’m in a creative funk (well maybe just an overall funk). This whole summer prior to the beginning of the semester all I could think about was this damn thesis. It was something I even told my mom about countless times because I wasn’t sure if she was getting how big of a deal it was to me and how anxious I was about it. I think she somewhat gets it now. Point is, I don’t even know where to start. So what I do when I am unsure about anything, I went straight to google. I googled “MA Thesis Ideas for English Majors.” I didn’t do this with intention to take ideas but in hopes to get inspired. This is what I found;

  • Religion and Politics throughout the Ages of Literature
  • Gender role Differences
  • How Accurate Is History in Historical Novels
  • The Function of Animals in Children’s Literature
  • What Are the Origins of a Chosen Novel
  • Twentieth Century and Middle Ages Morality Play
  • Modernism vs. Realism: the Differences
  • First World War Poetry Analysis
  • The Most Important Piece of Work Written by William Shakespeare
  • What Are Female Masculinities in Old English Literature
  • Was Literature Influenced During the Renaissance Era?
  • How Quantum Physics Is Applied in Literature
  • Nineteenth-Century Poetic Imagination with Astronomy

Not quite helpful, but one did stick out to me; gender role differences. From there my mind started to go down a loophole of ideas, well maybe just one idea. For my thesis I want it to center around the idea of womanhood/ femininity. Yes, I am aware there are tons of research on it, but I want to center somewhere around that idea and along the idea of “buying our womanhood back.” The idea is still a work in progress and it might be changed but I like the idea of writing about women and what it means to be a woman from what we wear, to what we do, to even who we date. But like I said, I would have to further look more into this because I know countless things have been done about this already. But I would like to center my thesis around the idea of women.

So far this is what I got. I am going to continue to brainstorm and see just what exactly excites me and moves me. In the meantime I am going to work on pushing through this funk and read more and take care of myself more to be able to generate more ideas.