Weekly Check In

This week I chose to remain working on my blog post. I feel the end of this week all 15 will be completely so I can start the editing process in March.

Once I get the blogs out of the way I will spend my March piecing together the different social aspects of the projects. I will spend time on the blog post page editing and figuring out the graphics. I will then move on to editing the videos I have to cut out any dead time with the children’s videos to really show the things they are developing while they are in their at home learning environment through tech.

Not really much to update this week as I will share the work in class this evening.

Counting my 1’s and 2’s

Not much updates before class tonight only that I have wrote two vignettes during our little class break. Excited to go back to class tonight for more feedback and guidance. I do think however I still have a bit of time to squeeze in two more vignettes but we will see how lucky and far I get. I will say though, I am excited to start the editing process soon, in a weird way. I think that will also inspire a few more vignettes that I can hopefully squeeze in.